How your kids can become published poets with brilliant creative writing initiative

The Poetry Zone invites children to channel their inner wordsmith.

In a world of memes, captions and pic collages, the artistry of words often feels like it’s slipping away.

However, one lone ranger is flying the flag for language with his poetry initiative.

Roger Stevens, a children’s poet and editor with a whopping 40 kids’ books under his belt, kickstarted The Poetry Zone to publish the words of aspiring writers and teachers.

His website, founded in 1998, has published over 30,000 poems by young people and amassed millions of hits from around the globe of visitors coming to read the works.

[Credit: Brad Neathery]

The concept is simple; any poem can be submitted, providing it is an original work and not plagiarised, to then be featured and have exposure on The Poetry Zone site.

There is just one rule, keep it clean!

Roger says that while rude poems can be funny, wordsmiths are warned: “If you send us poems about farts, bottoms or poo they won’t be appearing in The Poetry Zone.”

The poem themes range from topics about school, passion, family members, Mother Nature, and even getting to grips with the coronavirus pandemic.

[Credit: Santi Vedri]

In particular, we like one from Daisy aged 11 who dedicated her composition to her mum.

She wrote:

This poem,

this little rhyme,

this tiny ditty,

is not about a crush

or a partner.

But my Mother.

You see,

she means sooooo much to me,

the way she calls me Pumpkin

or her little baby (although I am eleven)

The way she’s always up for a cuddle

or the way she strokes my hair.

Because our mums are our true love.

They will always and forever

surpass these boys and men.

Speaking about how he gets inspired personally, founder Roger said that he believes the power of creativity and innovation is everywhere we look.

He explained: “Ideas, of course, are all around. You just have to be able to spot them. And that comes with experience.

“But take a notebook and pen, sit in the park or a shopping centre, and really observe what going on around you. You’ll find plenty of ideas.”

To get involved, click here: The Poetry Zone.

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