Break the negative habits holding you back from becoming your best self

How to control your mind for better mental and physical health.

Lying awake at night with whirring thoughts or waking up with a ‘same shit different day’ attitude is riskier business that many of us might know.

Not only are we opening ourselves up to poor mental health, we are also vulnerable to a decline in physical health.

The loop of negative emotions, while not always a conscious process, causes a physiological and chemical change in the body whereby we become trapped in survival mode and from a biological standpoint we stop evolving as we stay rooted to the past.  

While talking about trauma can diminish some emotions, it doesn’t change the brain and body, unless we begin to make fundamental changes with our thinking patterns.

Joe Dispenza, life guru extraordinaire, believes we need to re-train as humans to break automatic thought response and consequently lead to healing and managing problems.

Speaking about how we can achieve this, Joe believes it’s helpful to understand why.

Joe explained: “Most people live by the same feelings every single day, and they’ve, in a sense, lost their free will to a programme.

“Every time we think about that trauma, we’re producing the same chemistry in the brain and body as if it was happening again.

“If you can’t overcome that emotion then you can’t create anything new because that emotion is keeping you tacked to the past.”   

Consequently, Joe teaches how to find the present moment and when that happens, he believes there is a liberation of energy which can unshackle us from our past.

Only by living in the present and looking forward to the future can we re-condition ourselves. Similarly, by learning from others, finding the best in ourselves, challenging our beliefs, sharing our vulnerability, and overcoming our fears, can we transform our world.

Every day, humans have 60-70,000 thoughts, despite 90% of them being the same as the previous day, and it is on breaking this chain that we improve mental and physical health.

New York Times best-selling author Joe, who spends his time touring the world as a lecturer and educator on neuroscience and quantum physics, says rewiring our brains and bodies so they can reach their full potential is absolute key to our success.

So, how do we do this?

Joe believes the real magic lies with getting our minds to match our intentions.

In an interview with London Real, he explained: “An experience is one of the things that enriches circuitry in the brain, the side effect of this is that we begin to feel an emotion.

“The emotion is the pay-off from the experience, when you feel unlimited, when you feel gratitude, when you feel whole, when you feel in love with life. Now, you’re teaching your body chemically to understand what your mind has intellectually understood.

“The knowledge is making its way into your genes, into your cells. You are neuro-chemically getting your mind and body to work as one.”

Simply, a positive experience can have a positive knock-on effect for mind and body while a negative experience can have a negative knock-on effect for mind and body.

Joe continued: “When you start thinking about problems, you start feeling the emotions, our thoughts are the vocabulary of the brain and feelings are the vocabulary of your body.

“The way we think and feel creates our state of being, and most people start their day reaffirming their entire state of being in the familiar past.”

Joe says this unconscious pattern leads us to act on autopilot meaning our bodies are dragged into a genetic destiny if we do not give them a positive environment to flourish.

It is often extreme emotions, like crisis or betrayal, that wake us from the programme (when thinking is greater than feeling) that we start to break the formula to make change.

You may know someone or even be guilty yourself of saying, ‘I can’t change it, I’ve always been this way,’ though Joe believes this is due to being addicted to negative emotions.

He says that feelings such as anger, fear or impatience, create a rush of stress hormones that induces an arousal that some thrive on, so people think they can’t control it when in fact they are subconsciously addicted to their own negative thought process.

However, by addressing this, we become our own genetic engineers, and create an antioxidant environment for the body which decreases disease and increases heart coherence to carve ourselves a better future for the mind-body connection.

What happens if you are more of an over-thinker though? Surely an analytical brain can be helpful to dissect fact from fiction. Well, sort of.

Joe says that overanalysing can also drive stress hormones up, affecting physical health.

He said: “We’ve studied the brain scan of people who are thinking during a mediation with some disturbing emotion, and 100% of the time they make their brain worse.

“They are driving it further into higher beta wave patterns [state of anxiety] because first of all the arousal of the stress hormones is causing them to become overly-analytical, even the insight from analysis won’t change anything, and secondly the emotion is a record of the past so you’re thinking in the past, the solution is getting beyond it and breaking that cycle. That’s the gift.

“It’s not about whether you react [to analysis] but how long you’re going to react. It’s trial and error… If you make the change, you can change the matter.”

Joe believes the easiest way to combat negative thoughts is to ask yourself, ‘Who is this anger hurting?’ The answer is always you.

In particular, you hurt your body from the toxicity that accumulates over long periods of time from each rush of anger.

He said: “You’re down-regulating your genes. You’re conditioning the body to become the mind of anger, and more dependent on anger, and if that anger creates disease long-term, and you’re turning on that by thought alone, your thoughts will make you sick.”

By experimenting with breathwork and focusing on feelings of the future rather than past, we are capable of reacting less to the environment and instead invest into a healthier life.

Joe concluded: “People romance their past, though we have to tend to the future like a plant or garden, the emotions that come with it can literally help us change our brain and body to look like that [plant or garden].

“Relax, allow surprises to come, and when they come you’ll need to pay attention to it and then you’ll feel less the victim of your life and become empowered.

“When we believe in possibility, we really believe in ourselves.”

For more info, click here: Joe Dispenza.


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