Extraordinary People

Chef at breaking point rescued by customers who step in to help run restaurant for him

What happens when a community comes together!

If ever your faith in humanity starts to dwindle, you might want to print off this article and stick it to your fridge as a daily wellbeing boost.

For the residents of Huntly, New Zealand, have shown an incredible sense of community spirit that proves what can happen when people come together.

It all started when one chef began struggling with orders while on shift alone.

Without any staff to jump in and help, he was forced to fly solo… that is, until his customers stepped up to the plate (literally) and helped him.

Spilling the tea on Facebook, one local named Emily Puhi revealed what happened when she arrived at Thai Food Huntly and saw the chef was feeling overwhelmed.

Emily wrote: “So, we went to our favourite Thai food place in Huntly to find out it was packed. The tables were filled, people lined up waiting to pay, to order or to pick up.

“The chef was by himself cooking so he couldn’t wait the tables and be at the counter.”

Emily continued: “Found out that his staff didn’t turn up.

“So, when the customers found out about it, the lady waiting to pay started waiting tables for him, and the other lady that works at the real estate shop beside the Thai place, worked the register with his permission and also waited tables.

“We could easily feel the sense of community all around the place.”

She added: “Frowns turned to smiles and grumpy waiting turned to patiently waiting. It was beautiful to witness. What an awesome place to live in.”

Emily’s post soon clocked up attention online, with her photo shared nearly 500 times.

While followers flocked to the comment section to say their “faith in humanity has been restored”, a member of staff also wrote a message to thank people for getting involved.

They wrote: “This is amazing to see! On behalf of the staff we apologise for not being able to be there and work.

“I personally love my job and although it wasn’t my rostered day I should’ve tried to find a way there. Apologies to all. Us staff will communicate better from now on.”

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