Extraordinary People

Be surprised by how strong you really are as artist unlocks secrets to healing

Incredible paintings can help you become your best self.

They say art speaks where words are unable to explain, though one artist is doing both.

Kate Banks not only uses the captivating colours of her art to transport people into an otherworldly realm, she also explains the rich tapestry of their meaning to help us heal.

In particular, her new Master Works series is an exploration of the subconscious mind and tapping into it to unlock not just our demons but our strength and compassion too.

Speaking exclusively to Uspire, Kate revealed how the inspiration for her series arose from “looking in to find a way out”.

Kate explained: “After exhausting outside resources in search of pain relief, I understood that the mind is key to unlocking whatever it is you need. I needed to transform my mindset; and little did I know the magic that would take place from doing so.

“A happy life depended on this transformation, and it takes strength to do such things. So, the journey began and into the darkness I went.

“There is more in the darkness of the unconscious mind than things we don’t want to face. Things like deep strength and compassion, life changing things.”

Kate’s struggles began when she was just three-years-old and was diagnosed with a dislocated hip. To begin the long process of correcting her deformity, she had several surgeries and learned early on that staying positive is fundamental in life.

She believes it was the experience of being in a body cast throughout childhood that enabled her passion for art to grow, planting the seeds for her future works.

In overcoming difficult obstacles, she changed her view on life, including seeing her congenital abnormality as an immense gift, for without it she would not have reason to find deep strength and go on to help others in revealing their own.

Kate said: “The Master Works series embodies a process to finding balance.

“Various historical and philosophical references, in addition to psychological symbolism, are used throughout the series to help shed light into the darkness of the mind.

“I finished the first painting, Balance, in June of 2017. There will be eleven paintings along with a book when the series is complete. The eleventh painting will be called, Balanced, in which aspects from the entire series will be combined in a balanced way.

“The book will define how the process of discovering balance within correlates to the cosmic reality of natural law. I hope it will help heal and reveal that the strength you need to accomplish anything, including happiness, is already within you.”

Natural law is a system that is based on values intrinsic to human nature, whereby all people have inherent rights from God, nature, or reason rather than legislation.

Kate hopes that by delving into the unconscious, alongside her use of archetypal images [universal symbols], can ignite the spark needed for individuals to get to know themselves and in turn get to know humanity though that process.

She said: “I believe images have powerful impacts on our minds and unlike much of the content in our world that is designed to persuade thinking, my series is designed to free thinking. Without making a sound, art is louder than the lion, it is substance for the soul.

“The Master Works aim to inspire transformation by bringing awareness to one’s own potential and power from looking within. There is a key there, a key to the freedom to be you, but do you know who you are and what makes you happy?

“Those answers can be unveiled by exploring your mind. Being human is not easy, that’s something I strongly empathise with. You can choose to live happy or crappy, though it may take more work if I choose happiness, is that not what all of humanity wants?”

Kate says that this philosophy is one she continues to live her life by, and despite still experiencing physical pain daily, she uses that pain as a tool for insight.

She concluded: “I’m reminded every moment of how the body works as a whole and how one part of the body affects the whole, just as each human affects humanity.

“I’m a clear example that strength is what happens when you transform pain. You will be surprised by how strong you really are.”

For more information, click here: The Master Works.


  1. Beautiful work from a beautiful person, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Kate over these past couple years, and she truly does practice what she preaches. Her day to day personality matches the beauty of her art, an essence that we all could benefit from seeing and incorporating into our lives!


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