Dragon’s Den for little ones! How kids can turn ideas into reality

Little Inventors are inspiring future generations that they have the power to make a difference.

Standing in front of the entrepreneurs on Dragon’s Den trying to flog an idea is no easy feat, though it’s made a millionaire or two out of the best contestants.

And now our little ones are in with a shot of becoming the next Levi Roots and shooting to stardom like he did with his now infamous Reggae Reggae Sauce.

Thanks to the creative minds at Little Inventors, they are encouraging kids to turn their ideas into reality no matter how bonkers their fantasies might seem.

The organisation, that aims to inspire imagination by taking children’s amazing concepts seriously, are on a mission to prove that education does not have to be boring.

Encouraging children across the world to get involved, Little Inventors provides the opportunity to develop and showcase their creativity and problem-solving skills, build their confidence, curiosity and resilience to become caring citizens of the planet that will support them not just now but as adults in everyday life and their chosen career paths.

The team create free resources for teachers and parents to encourage kids to evolve their thinking and draw great invention ideas, before submitting them for exhibitions.

Then, the Little Inventors skilled experts and makers get to work, turning the children’s ideas into reality from the practical to the fantastical.

Once the projects come to life, the inventions are showcased online and in books to inspire tomorrow’s inventors, scientists, and makers that they can make a difference.

A variety of challenges are available to help kickstart ideas, with resources ranging from how to create space travel ideas, how to protect wildlife, and how to reduce food waste.

There are also suggestions such as ‘invent a gadget that would help you get ready faster in the morning’; ‘design a really fun toy for a pet’; ‘design a cool piece of equipment you would like to wear to explore deep in the oceans’.

Creative experiences not only open pathways for children to learn in an exciting way, they are also known to improve mental growth by providing opportunities for trying out new ways of thinking which builds self-confidence and self-esteem.

In particular, we liked Northumberland native Erin’s ‘use less water’ campaign where she devised a shower that can only run if someone is riding a bike to generate its power.

Erin, 11, said: “Most people use too much water for their showers, so for my invention, one person goes in the shower and the other gets on the bike attached to the floor.

“They then peddle and when they start to get tired – or the person in the shower says stop – they stop. This will save water.”

Erin added: “It uses energy from humans, anyone can use it. It also keeps you fit.”

Then there’s the magic door, which is like a real-life Narnia.

Young Molly, aged eight, from Shanghai, China, said: “The Magic Door can help you go everywhere. You open the button on the back of the door, then, you say where you are going so you don’t go to the wrong place.

“Next you put your hands on the door handle. After that, you open The Magic Door, it will shine and is pretty. Next you are ready to go to holidays.”

We could do with one of those right about now!

For more info, explore here: Little Inventors.

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