A friend with weed is a friend indeed: Cannabis proven to be viable medicine for certain conditions

Valuable insight from every corner of the marijuana market

Smoking weed, munching a hash brownie, or even taking a hit from a bong has long been stigmatised as little more than recreational drug-taking that tampers with the mind.

However, as certain areas across the globe legalise marijuana and many people report its power as a medicinal aid, attitudes are beginning to change.

And thanks to one company doing the hard work for us, they’re separating fact from fiction.

Say hello to The Green Fund, on a mission to educate people around the world by sharing news, analysis and valuable insight from every corner of the marijuana market.

[Credit: Richard T]

Speaking exclusively to Uspire, manager Louis O’Neill told us about the Asia-Pacific based project and how the idea began to help people understand the power of the plant.

Louis said: “We cover everything from investing in cannabis, medical and recreational cannabis, and the ongoing legislative changes within the cannabis industry.

“The Green Fund was started by Mark Bernberg, an entrepreneur and investor who began to notice the enormous potential within the early cannabis space.

“He realised the lack of coverage of the burgeoning cannabis industry, particularly in Australia, and yet there was a thirst for knowledge about the space.”

Since 2018, The Green Fund have been providing audiences with cutting-edge information about the drug they say is becoming the greatest healthcare disrupter of our era as it continues to be decriminalised on a global scale and change the face of modern medicine forever.  

Louis continued: “Whether chefs, lawyers, CEOs or MMA fighters who use cannabis in their daily or professional life, we want to ensure that the plant receives proper coverage after the decades of misinformation and unnecessary stigma that surrounded it until recently.

“Cannabis is a viable medicine for certain ailments, like rare forms of treatment-resistant epilepsy, as well as being a great driver of economic growth.

“In the USA, the cannabis industry was the number one job creator and the plant has also brought in millions to billions in tax revenue for states that have legalised it. We seek to ensure these benefits receive the coverage they deserve.”

Currently, the recreational use of cannabis is legalised in 11 states, while the medical use of it is legalised in 33 of its 50 states – including California, New York, and Nevada.

[Credit: Avery Meeker]

Over in the UK, it is very rare for people to be prescribed although it could be for severe forms of epilepsy, nausea caused by chemotherapy, or people with multiple sclerosis [MS].

There are also studies taking place to understand the plant’s potential impact on other health issues, including Autism Spectrum Disorder [ASD] and people with kidney problems.

Cannabis contains active ingredients called cannabinoids, two of these are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) ­– the former of which is known to be the hallucinogenic on the brain.

This is why CBD products – such as oil, capsules and vape ­– are proving so popular in the medicinal world as they allow people to benefit from the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis without being at risk of feeling high as is often associated with the drug.

The Green Fund’s work has been welcomed with open arms, as their audience continues to grow alongside the services they provide.

Louis continued: “We want to make people feel informed. While we are passionate about cannabis and truly believe in both the medicinal, personal, and economic benefits of the plant, we also don’t want to paint cannabis as infallible.

“We want citizens to be informed enough about the various facets of the plant to be able to come to their own conclusions about cannabis.”

The company recently launched their Australian Cannabis Index, which allows investors to compare cannabis companies in Oz against the US industry, the S&P500, and other indexes.

They also record their ‘CannaCast’ podcast, available on YouTube, Apple and Spotify, inviting those with curiosity about the plant to take a deeper dive into it.

Louis concluded: “We’re looking at several very interesting avenues at the moment in terms of expansion, though we will continue doing what we love to do, which is to cover cannabis.

“We are looking forward to some potential gains being made over in the US with several cannabis initiatives on the ballots at the moment, so this month should be very exciting.”

For more information, click here: The Green Fund.


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