Tickle your taste-buds and support your local eateries

Discover the five ways you can indulge and help the community

As lockdown number two kicks off, small businesses are under more threat than ever as they are forced to close and say goodbye to passing trade.

So, it’s up to us to shake our pom-poms in encouragement and help them stay afloat.

The fab team over at Time Out have devised a Top 5 list of how to keep the hospitality industry functioning all while staying safe ourselves ahead of quarantine review on December 2.

[Credit: Chad Montano]

First up, order a takeaway.

It might sound simple but indulging in a weekly treat really can help eateries thrive and can be done at the click of a few buttons thanks to the Deliveroo, UberEats and JustEat teams.

The Holy Grail of delivery apps are offering no-contact services, meaning they’ll leave your tantalising Thai or blissful burgers on the doorstep or in your porch to avoid contact.

Giving a little friendly competition, two new apps have also launched, so if you want to support the underdog check out Big Night and Ambassador General Store too.

[Credit: James Sutton]

Secondly, buy a gift voucher.

Ever heard of the JustEat gift card? Now you can make someone’s day with a takeaway.

Buying gifts for pals (or yourself!) ain’t so easy without access to high street shops or the ability to try items on in dressing rooms, though if you have a penny or two to spare, you can invest in your favourite restaurants by stocking up on gift vouchers from them.

Have a gander at what your local Chinese or Indian is offering too, though for Londoners, check out burger kings Patty & Bun who are selling vouchers for £30 or £50 and including a ‘black card’ on each purchase which means you’ll get 10% off for life.

[Credit: Tamara Bellis]

Number three, hit up the merch.

We’ve all been there, proudly wearing a T-shirt or scarf brandishing our ultimate idol or footie team. Well, now you can do that with your fave foodie outlet.

It’s not only mouthwatering meats and divine desserts that they serve, many places print their logos and mottos on a variety of products from tote bags to hot sauce to hoodies.

Clothing in particular will not only be an investment to keep you warm in the winter months but can also be an advert to support your local greasy spoon if you wear it while logging on to all your Zoom meetings and fashioning it for colleagues.

[Credit: Yulia Karnavush]

Four, leave a review.

We know, we know, it’s a pain when all you want to do is chow down and kick back.

Yet stringing together just a few sentences or even an ‘A+, would recommend’ for a positive review can really help a local business out not only now but also when they re-open.

[Credit: Amirali Mirhashemian]

Next up, shop locally – even if it’s online.

Most of us tend to default to the big wigs when it comes to our groceries, though trying to grab a delivery slot right now is like trying to win the lottery.

Take your finger off the refresh button and maintain your zen by exploring elsewhere as lots of restaurants and cafés are now selling deli products and other food supplies online.

There are also apps such as Olio, which encourage people to share food so nothing goes to waste.

[Credit: Monika Grabkowska]

Last but not least, grab a takeaway pint.

We thought this one might catch your eye!

While sitting in the pub toasting tequilas might not be possible now, many are open for to-go items.

Be sure to check out if your local is serving pints in plastic cups as it’s a great way to help them make some cash and also not have to pour that beloved keg beer down the drain that they bought before Boris Johnson declared a second quarantine.


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