Save cash and save the planet! Here’s how you can sell old furniture to IKEA

New 'Buy Back' scheme will ensure nothing is thrown away

What’s better than making a bit of extra dollar? Knowing that you are doing so while also saving the planet!

The brilliant brains behind the new IKEA campaign have joined forces to do just this, help customers both financially and environmentally.

The furniture giants have jumped aboard the sustainability train and are tooting the horn loudly as they have pledged to be a fully circular business by 2030.

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This means all of the materials they produce will be recycled, sustainable, or reusable which will eliminate waste and consequently their contributions to landfills.

Named the ‘Buy Back’ initiative, customers will be encouraged to sell back their used IKEA furniture, which the store will then recycle or upcycle to be sold again.

The project hits UK stores from November 27, and if your old goods are still in decent condition, you are eligible.

To get involved, people must fill out a form on the IKEA website for an estimate of their furniture’s value, then bring that estimate with the assembled furniture to their closest store.

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So, what’s the catch? Well, once a member of staff has assessed the furniture and finalised its value, you won’t get dollar bills but an IKEA refund card instead.

That means you’ll be gifted vouchers to spend instore, rather than given cash to spend elsewhere in another shop or restaurant.

Customers can earn up to 50% of the original retail price for mint pieces, 40% for items in very good condition, and 30% for well-loved pieces.

Speaking about the initiative, the company’s sustainability manager for the UK and Ireland, Hege Sæbjørnsen, said: “Being circular is a good business opportunity as well as a responsibility; the climate crisis requires us all to radically rethink our consumption habits.”

Might be time to trade in that shabby bedside table for something new…

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