Ride on Stripped Bare airlines! Comedians mock lockdown in witty spoof, ‘If 2020 was a flight’

Finding humour in our darkest moment

They say if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry. So, as we’re stuck in the middle of quarantine number two, you might be gagging for a giggle.

And we’ve got just the remedy for you, with flesh flashing and lockdown laughs aplenty.

Buckle up and step aboard Stripped Bare airlines. Though if you’re shy, you might want to look away right about now.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to take your kit off yourself, comedian James Bustar and his fellow comics have taken care of that department as they step into their roles of the airline crew.

The talented team have joined forces for an Arts Awareness Collaboration video, named ‘If 2020 was a flight’, to shine a light on how their industry has been savaged by the pandemic.

As venues remain closed and live performances are axed around the world, there is still no real sign of gigs or theatre returning for those who make their livelihood from entertainment.

Artists have lost entire incomes from not only shows, but festivals, teaching and workshops too.

Determined to fight their corner, these jokesters hope to highlight just how the arts can help public wellbeing and showcase why entertainers are important during this crisis.

The video kicks off with a mock service announcement, stating: “This is your Captain speaking, Captain Butts. Welcome aboard Stripped Bare airlines, to Covid Level One, with an approximate flight time of 12 months.”

The action then cuts to the cabin crew, giving passenger announcements before take-off, with all of them nude to illustrate they have been ‘stripped bare’ of their work.

In tribute to this unprecedented year, the flight doesn’t allow for any baggage aboard as they want “zero cases”, while an air hostess in a mask-bra advises all travellers “to wear masks correctly”.

There’s even a dig at Rishi Sunak, as a cabin crew member says: “Your inflight meal was prepared for by a comedian as after Rishi’s advice he retrained, aren’t you lucky.”

This is alluding to the UK Chancellor’s comments about people in all walks of life having to adapt for employment although was thought to be directed at the entertainment industry.

As the cabin crew continue preparing for the flight, passengers are informed there is no inflight entertainment available because “all entertainers were deemed unessential”. There is also an ode to panic buying, as passengers are discouraged from stealing airline loo roll.

And, if the flight goes down, prepare for the ride of your life as there is “no exit strategy”.

This joke, of course, needs no explanation, as members of the UK public remain unaware as to what will happen following December 2 when the current lockdown rules are set to be reviewed.

Grab a look below, it’s well worth a watch. Even the strictest of Covid rule followers will find some humour in our darkest moment.

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