Need Christmas inspo? These gorgeous bags made from plastic bottles are the perfect gift

Awesome bags are each made from six recycled plastic bottles

We all know that recycling is good for the environment, but often we don’t know where our old plastics end up, simply hoping they are whisked off to a factory and transformed into something new.

Yet last year, it was revealed a whopping 91% of billions of tonnes of plastic is not recycled.

So, rest assured that you can now know where some of it is going with the new Kind Bag.

These trendy bags, sold in a variety of colours and patterns, are made from plastic bottles and are the only reusable bag on the market to use 100% RPET [recycled polyethylene terephthalate] – a strong material used for soda bottles, water bottles and food jars.

In the first year of trading, the eco-friendly brand has recycled a staggering 1.5million plastic bottles with 10% of profit going to Just One Ocean, a charity committed to preserving the sea and its magnificent creatures for future generations.

From bananas to palm leaves to boobs (a bag which sees 25p of each purchase go to Against Breast Cancer), there is a design for everyone.

Speaking about her sustainable start-up, Kind Bag founder, Maria Rodriguez, revealed that it is not just the bags that are made from recycled products – but the ink and packaging too.

Maria, 30, explained: “We are currently the only reusable bag on the market to use 100% RPET with a completely sustainable and ethical production process.

“Everything from the product itself and the ink used, through to the recycled packaging has been carefully chosen with the planet in mind.”

She added: “With COVID-19 changing the retail landscape, we’ve seen consumer shopping behaviour shifting. Now, more than ever, consumers are eschewing fast-fashion items and looking for sustainable products that stand the test of time.

“And if there’s one thing every eco-conscious shopper needs, it’s a high-quality reusable bag.”

Having grown up close to the Canary Island’s beautiful beaches, and following a stint travelling around Asia, Maria saw first-hand the devastating effects of plastic pollution.

Everywhere she went, there were plastic bottles and used bags littering public spaces on the beaches – this was her wake-up call.

Maria said: “There’s a horrifying amount of plastic waste floating in the world’s oceans. If we continue as we are, scientists predict there will be more plastic in the sea than fish by 2050.

“These disheartening facts made me want to take on the plastic soup and do something about reducing single-use plastic. Kind Bag gives plastic bottles a sustainable makeover.”

The Kind Bag – each one made from six old plastic bottles – is the perfect Christmas gift for a pal or Secret Santa in the office, and can be found online or stocked at Selfridges.

To nab a bag, click here: Kind Bag


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