The Amazon of weed: Cannabis could be bought at the click of a button

Website founder hopes weed can be seen 'just like coconut water'

As cannabis and CBD oil products are continually proven to treat depression, fight cancer, regulate seizures, and alleviate anxiety, the little green leaf is becoming a hero.

One man believes in the power of the herb so much, that he feels society is moving towards a shift where we view marijuana as something similar to a vitamin instead of a drug.

Curt Dalton, CEO at Evergreen Buzz, is now on a mission to create the ‘Amazon of Weed’ whereby users will be able to select their dope online and have it shipped straight to them.

While he has to wait for different parts of the globe to have parity in their legislation, for the time being, Curt is building his platform ready for when he can introduce sales.

[Credit: Wesley Gibbs]

Currently, his website connects people by providing comprehensive resources to locate, educate, employ and entertain weed enthusiasts.

There is information galore on medical facilities, dispensaries, doctors and businesses, as well as industry updates on products and services for legal visitors globally.

Chatting to Uspire, Curt spoke about his plans to expand his site, saying he hopes to change stereotypes and help the pubic understand that cannabis does not need to be feared.

Curt said: “We hope to bring a high level of acceptance for the plant not only as a medicine but as a healthy recreational activity. We would like to move the conversation from ‘stoner, hippy, man’ to the way we talk about vitamins and, say, something like coconut water these days.

“I really enjoy the people in the cannabis industry and watching it grow, no pun intended, from a grassroots movement to almost US federal legalisation has been a wild ride.”

[Credit: Chase Fade]

He added: “I hope to see worldwide legalisation roll out. I would love to add a full store offering THC [Tetrahydrocannabinol, the compound in cannabis that is psychoactive and gives you the feeling of being high] products and be able to ship them across a state line and to other countries. 

“That is the Amazon of Weed model, where you can convert massive amounts of web traffic to cannabis orders.”

We would like to move the conversation from ‘stoner, hippy, man’ to the way we talk about vitamins and, say, something like coconut water these days.

Curt Dalton

Curt first began his venture back in 2015, when he bought the URL at auction and looked into building a weed community.

[Credit: Add Weed]

“I knew in a niche like this, where you can’t buy advertising or clicks, every page view would count, so building out the site from day one with a full cannabis social network, marijuana job board, strain guide, CBD store, T-shirt shop, blogging, videos, and two apps was going to be the way to get as much traffic through organic sources as possible.

“We are now building the site and userbase for the day we can offer THC products for sale.”

He concluded: “The website has really taken off this year with legalisation getting closer and closer in the USA. You can definitely feel a change coming now with more states passing marijuana legislation.

“It is now a matter of ‘when’, not ‘if’, for federal marijuana legalisation.”

To check out the site, click here:


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