Body art to bedroom art: how one tattooist reinvented herself during lockdown

When lockdown forced an artist to temporarily close her business, she took her talents elsewhere

As many businesses were forced to close their doors to their customers during lockdown, many came up with ingenious ways of keeping their trade going.

The obvious solution for many food outlets was to offer takeaway services and some pubs even pimped out vans so they could drive to their thirsty customers and pour them a much-needed pint.

Fitness instructors charged their clients for online workouts and some restaurants even offered paid cooking lessons via Zoom.

But what if your business required you to get up close and personal with your clients, such as a hairdresser, manicurist or a tattooist?

Well, one tattooist wasn’t going to let her talent go to waste and instead decided that if she couldn’t decorate a client’s body, she’d go for their walls instead!

London-based Nikole Lowe had to close her studio because of the pandemic and was facing very hard times until she was given the chance to reinvent herself as an interior designer.

Nikole, who has been in the business for almost 30 years, was approached by a wallpaper business who had seen her work and admired her Chinese-style artwork.

The owner of asked her if she’d like to join forces and this week the partnership launched bespoke wallpaper based on Nikole’s paintings.

Zealand-born Nikole, who was one of the stars of the reality TV show London Ink, said: “I love the looseness and spontaneity of Chinese art.

“I studied it for six years with an amazing teacher, and she told me to just be in the moment, not to think too much and to just go with it. She inspired me to paint what I love and be influenced by the seasonal changes going on around me; both of which are captured in this collection for”

Kat Truong, owner of said: “I am thrilled to unveil the Nikole Lowe collection for

“Pushing the artistic boundaries with has been a priority and introducing a collection of authentic, hand-painted artwork with minimal digital input is a dream come true.

“Nikole’s paintings are stunning and to be able to reproduce them as wall murals where every detail of the brushstroke is visible is amazing.”

Fancy sprucing up your walls for Christmas? You can check out the collection here.

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