To sleep, perchance to dream… and help a child in need

Give up your bed for one night and help an impoverished child get a good night's sleep

We all feel miserable and cranky after a bad night’s sleep.

It can affect our physical and mental health from our moods to our fitness levels to even how we eat.

But many of us, despite our bouts of insomnia, are fortunate enough to have a comfortable bed to sleep in and a warm meal inside us before we try and settle into the Land of Nod.

Sadly, millions of children across the United States don’t have those two simple necessities, especially those in families on the breadline.

Poverty is the highest risk factor to getting a good night’s sleep with one in five children experiencing sleeplessness every night.

Research has shown that 87 per cent of children that don’t have quality sleep are more likely to drop out of school, 69 per cent will struggle with depression and will be four times as likely to take their own lives.

An issue that has been highlighted in a campaign launched by mattress company Leesa, which wants to donate a mattress for every child in need.

Leesa is the one of the leading mattress companies in America and this week it started the Bedless Night challenge which is asking people to give up their bed for one night.

For everyone that does and shares their experience on Instagram, Leesa will donate a bed to a child in an attempt to make their lives a little bit better.

So far, Leesa has donated just over 38,000 mattresses but there are still many, many more children in need.

So how can you get involved?

Easy. Give up your bed for one night, dig out a sleeping bag and camp down in the garden, on a sofa or even on the floor of whatever room you choose. You could also possibly get a bit more creative and sleep in the back seat of your car or pull up a blanket next to the dog and have a snuggle.

Then all you have to do is take a photo of you in your temporary night time surroundings, upload it to Instagram and Leesa will do the rest! And the more people that get involved, the more mattresses will be donated so why not tag some friends and get them to join in?

This year has been a challenge for many of us but it has particularly been tough on those in need. So while it might not seem like much, a new mattress could be just the thing to help a child have a restful Christmas.

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