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20 days of kindness: Hollywood star kickstarts ripple effect to show a lil’ love goes a long way

Melissa McCarthy is splashing the cash on some incredible causes

Donating her loose change to charity isn’t quite enough for Melissa McCarthy this season.

Instead, the Bridesmaids actress has kickstarted an epic 20 days of kindness campaign, which will see her give $20,000 to 20 different charities over the next consecutive 20 days.

Teaming up with streaming platform HBO Max, who are hosting her new film Superintelligence, the project aims to help small organisations that have had a particularly tricky 2020 as their funding has plummeted during the pandemic.

The flick, which also stars Brit national treasure James Corden, tells the tale of a woman (played by McCarthy) who quits the corporate world to work in charity. Now, the #20DaysOfKindness initiative is paying tribute to the storyline, with life imitating art.

So far, the team have donated to a brilliant array of organisations, from kids charities to humanitarian funds to veterans foundations.

The first lucky recipients were Girls Who Code, an amazing project committed to educating young women to close the gender gap and ensure they have a place in technology.

Not only did they receive the $20k (£15k), but American telecommunications company AT&T decided to chuck in an additional $1,000,000 as they believe in the cause so much.

If you’re a sucker for a friendly pooch or kitten, then you’ll be pleased to hear the Best Friends Animals Society were also on the nice list this year.

They do an incredible job reducing the number of animal deaths in shelters across the USA, working collaboratively with rescue centres to save animals from avoidable deaths.  

Step Up also made the list, whose mission is to help girls in under-resourced communities achieve their personal and academic potential by empowering them to become college-bound, career-focused young women that are ready to lead the next generation.

[Credit: Shutterstock]

Other charities included Conversational International, who work tirelessly to save the planet; World Central Kitchen, who have served over 45million meals to people globally; Make-A-Wish Foundation, who grant wishes for terminally ill kids; and the Trevor Project, a confidential hotline that provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ+ youth.

Clearly touched by all of the charities she highlighted in the campaign, Melissa, along with husband Ben Falcone, donated a further $5k to each and every organisation.

She also encouraged people to continue donating after the initiative ends, telling fans that even just 50¢ or $1 can go a long way.

Next time you find yourself surfing Amazon or ASOS, we challenge you to dig a little deeper into those pockets and donate to a good cause too.


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