Make it stop! How you can help domestic abuse survivors with one small gesture this Christmas

Just £10 can help women and children seeking help from frontline services

While domestic abuse is a tragedy that goes on behind closed doors, one powerful campaign is determined to shine a light on it and bring it out into the open.

The brilliant team over at Solace Women’s Aid have launched #MakeItStop – a Christmas initiative to raise funds for specialist trauma therapy as increasing numbers of women seek help from frontline services during coronavirus lockdowns.

To help people understand the severity of the crisis, Solace have released a haunting video which kickstarts as though it is a traditional Christmas scene around the fireplace.

However, despite the stockings and pressies under the tree, it soon becomes clear all is not right.

As Deck The Halls plays against the backdrop of the family living room, the refrain of ‘‘Tis the season to be jolly’ starts to play over and over again as the fire crackles eerily.

With the lyric on loop, the repetition grows more and more maddening as it leaves the viewer with a heightened sense of discomfort and awareness of potential danger.

It soon becomes apparent that this home is not a happy or safe one, as the camera pans onto a photo of a woman and her child who are both experiencing domestic abuse.

The video aims to reflect the reality that many people face this Christmas, trapped at home with their abuser in a cycle of terror repeatedly on loop.

While the viewer is able to turn off the incessant Christmas tune, abuse survivors have no off switch and are left reliving their traumas if they do not receive proper help.

Alongside raising awareness in the emotive video, the Solace team want to show members of the public how they can actively help survivors who are in fear of their future.

By simply gifting £10, your donation can help run refuge services for women and children to flee domestic abuse and violence, as well as provide specialist therapy and counselling.

Just £10 – that’s less than two drinks in a London pub – is all it takes, and a ripple effect of kindness from the masses, to help ease feelings of isolation for survivors and help them access support.

Speaking about the initiative, CEO Fiona Dwyer said: “This year, during ongoing lockdowns, Solace has seen an increase in the volume of women seeking our help.

“We are also seeing an increase in women facing complex trauma and mental health issues because of the abuse and violence they’ve suffered.”

She added: “The #MakeItStop campaign comes at a time when Solace’s services are in demand more than ever. Since the pandemic, there has been a 100% increase in the number of survivors accessing the charity’s counselling, with a significant increase in high risk cases.”

You know what to do, to donate click here: Solace.


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