Free lessons for kids, by kids: Classes to inspire dreamers and innovators

YouTube channel, Planet Classroom, to revolutionise education

It’s believed that true connection takes place in a non-verbal capacity, with 93% of communication being via body language and just 7% being verbal.

This means, even if a teacher is saying all the right things to a student, if they don’t relate to the children in front of them, that message is lost.

That’s why we’re so excited about a new initiative, which sees kids teach other kids, as the power for them to learn from each other has been previously underestimated.

Now, the Planet Classroom Network is the first of its kind whereby youth will inspire youth using programmes enabling young audiences to experience stories from across the world.

[Credit: Unsplash / Shawnee D]

Nicknamed the World’s Fair of Learning, the six-month project will drop videos on YouTube from 20 different global organisations to bring together an international community of dreamers, storytellers, designers, and thinkers to help other aspiring creatives.

Kickstarting on January 4, Planet Classroom will not only feature content that educates our future generations, but aims to support their wellbeing, unity, and inclusivity too.

The sessions really will cover a breadth of knowledge, opening young people’s eyes to issues across oceans and time zones, from climate change to literacy skills to how to stay motivated.

In particular, we are excited to see the prestigious Martha Graham Dance Company, a world leader of modern dance that prides itself on being the oldest American dance company, showcase their stories to empower youngsters to overcome adversity through art forms.

[Credit: Unsplash / John Schnobric]

As the brainchild of CMRubinWorld – an organisation who brings together musicians, dancers, video game creators, filmmakers, innovators and technologists from all over the world to promote art and learning – we have no doubt the videos will excel in delivery.

Speaking about the project, the company’s founder and CEO, Cathy Rubin, said: “Research has shown us time and time again that the arts and social impact learning unite people across borders.

“The pandemic and ensuing economic/societal consequences have amplified an already existing crisis of youth mental health and created new barriers for those who seek care and support.

“We came to the conclusion the world’s youth needed their own YouTube channel where they can work with each other and seek sustainable solutions for their planet.”

Think we’ll be tuning in ourselves too!

[Credit: Unsplash / Dieu Huyen Hoang]

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