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Domestic violence victims rescued by hero company who help them move

Incredible organisation has already completed over 100 free moves

Despite wanting to leave abusers, many victims of domestic violence struggle to as they don’t have the means to move away.

However, one hero moving company has swooped in to offer their services.

Not only are the team helping people escape to a better place, they are also offering the service completely free of charge.

Thanks to the College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving crew, they have already completed over 100 free moves for those who are fleeing an unsafe situation in the US and Canada.

[Credit: College HUNKS Instagram]

The HUNKS [Honest, Uniformed, Nice, Knowledgeable, Service] aim to offer their help to victims who may not have another way out, gifting their guys and trucks as a solution.

They pride themselves on stress-free moving and junk removal to give others peace of mind.

Worryingly, the rise of domestic violence during the global pandemic has soared worldwide as people remain cooped up in lockdown with limited access to friends and family.

Hotlines have seen huge demand as victims turn to them for advice, with Refuge – the UK’s largest domestic abuse charity – reporting a 700% increase in calls in a single day.

[Credit: College HUNKS Instagram]

Now, the HUNKS – founded by two college buddies who began using a van to haul furniture when they first launched – are providing a helping hand, literally.

Speaking about their mission, co-founder Nick Friedman said he hopes the free moves programme sheds light on the issue not just for those in need, but on a wider level.

Talking to TV station GNN, he said: “As a purpose driven, socially-conscious organisation we’re always looking for ways to positively impact our communities – in this case, particularly for those who feel powerless in unhealthy home situations.”

[Credit: College HUNKS Instagram]

In addition to helping survivors, the HUNKS have also spread their humanitarian wings to provide trucks for transporting COVID-19 testing supplies and other medical equipment from one hospital to another, as well as delivering water to healthcare workers during the pandemic.

They have also been donating two nutritious meals for every job completed to Feeding Children Everywhere, a non-profit organisation dedicated to creating a hunger-free world.

Maybe they should re-brand from HUNKS to HEROES.

For more information, click here: College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving.

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