The eco-friendly Etsy has arrived! Save the planet while you shop

Sustainable products available at your fingertips

Buying endless trinkets for Christmas with a mountain of packaging that is going to end up in the bin (and later on a landfill!!) is no longer an option for many of us.

Though even though we’re determined to buy more sustainable products, they’re not always available at our fingertips like the big brands or current online traders are.

Until now…

A new website named The Etho is a marketplace that connects conscious consumers directly with ethical brands and artisans – so you can save the planet while you shop.

[Credit: The Etho]

On a mission to help people find the products they want with the ethics they need, the team put all their efforts into honouring sustainable wages for their sellers, as well as safe working conditions and environmentally-friendly production.

The brainchild of Sydney Sherman, she started The Etho to change the way people everywhere think about, and respond to, global poverty through the things that we buy.

While society may not always recognise the correlation between purchase and planet, every time we buy a product or service, there is a direct causation onto the world around us – whether that be a sustainable, humanitarian, or ecological one such as increased pollution, forest destruction, or the inhumane treatment of workers, plants, and animals.

[Credit: Syndey Sherman LinkedIn]

By spending our cash wisely and understanding that each time we part with our pennies is like casting a vote of what we want more (and less) of in the world, it is one of the most powerful ways we can help make positive shifts towards the future and climate change.

Through The Etho, this is all possible at the click of a button.

Sydney says her driver to create the website was to envision a world without poverty, where every person can thrive in a dignified, economically sustainable way.

Shoppers make this possible by splashing their cash and helping disadvantaged creators with a respectable wage for their work, and by supporting the market for ethically made goods.

[Credit: Unsplash / Alexander Shimmeck]

In addition to this, when you purchase from The Etho, you are helping them bring 100million women out of poverty with the aim to complete this quest by 2030.

So, if you need Christmas shopping inspiration, take a peek on the site. You’ll find anything and everything from handmade jewellery, vegan handbags, biodegradable yoga mats, beauty and self-care products, as well as home goods like candles, artwork, and bedding.

To have a gander, click here: The Etho.


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