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Real-life guardian angels: Local heroes gift care packages to people in need

The team have been gifting surprise birthday pressies during lockdown

They say angels only exist in fairy-tales, but we’ve come across some real-life cherubs who are helping their local community out the goodness of their hearts.

Please shake your pom-poms for Helping Hands, a small team who set up a Facebook group in April 2020 when the first coronavirus lockdown hit to help as many people as they could.

Based in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, the crew have become overnight heroes as they are not only handing out 100 care packages per week free of charge to anyone who needs help, they have also been sending birthday presents to people of all ages during quarantine.

[Credit: Helping Hands Facebook]

Thanks to the generosity of donations, the squad have been able to gift more than 60 individuals who have received surprise goodies on their big day.

In addition to this, the gang have been playing Secret Santa too, delivering advent calendars to local kids to make sure they can still have a Christmas to remember.

But not content with just feeding the hungry or saving birthdays and Crimbo, the Helping Hands family have also morphed into cleaning fairies.

[Credit: Helping Hands Facebook]

On a mission to tidy-up Hamilton, a large town south-east of Glasgow, they have been making the area cleaner by collecting litter and syringes in publics spaces then disposing of it properly to make the parks and streets safer for all.

Think that’s impressive?! Think again.

They are also fundraising for other nationwide causes, having already donated to Teenage Cancer Trust and with more tricks up their sleeves to plan future events for fellow charities.

[Credit: Helping Hands Facebook]

Oh, and did we mention they also give away free pizza on a Friday and Saturday night to people who help out in the community?! What absolute legends.

We hope others can be inspired to start something similar in their area.

To find out how you can support the team, click here: Helping Hands Hamilton.


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