Want to do your bit? Rent a Christmas tree this year then see it get replanted

Hiring a tree helps save the planet and protect huge landfill waste

If you’re anything like us and just woke up to discover it’s December 11 wondering where all the time has gone and realising Christmas is less than 15 days away, don’t panic.  

There is still time to get festive, and better yet, you can do it while being planet-friendly too.  

So, whack Elf on, grab the baubles from the loft, pour some Prosecco and rent your tree.

That’s right, this year it’s all about renting rather than owning as campaigners are encouraging us to think about our environmental impact once Santa has been and gone.

[Credit: Shutterstock]

Sadly, as new year kicks in, 7million trees end up entering the landfill in the UK each year as people chuck out their trees.

Even just a 2m-tall Christmas tree that ends up in landfill has a 16kg carbon footprint – that’s around the same as taking three return flights from London to Australia!

Ideally, all trees would be sent for incineration or shredding to make compost, yet many don’t make the journey and end up generating 160,000 tonnes of waste every year.

[Credit: Jorge Dominguez / Unsplash]

Now, many farms around the country are offering a tree-borrowing hire service.

All you need to do is whip out your phone and turn to trusty Google to find a local service where you can rent trees, then after the holidays, simply return it to the farm.

To get you started, take a peek at Simply Plants who offer rental across London, Oxford, Bristol, Milton Keynes, Cambridge, Birmingham, Nottingham, Leicester and Manchester.

Once you send it back, the tree will be replanted for next year which not only reduces your landfill waste but eliminates it entirely.

[Credit: Carlos Hinojosa]

Costs vary, though expect to pay around £20 to £50 – not bad for being eco-conscious too.

Alternatively, you could grow a tree in the garden which is the greenest option of all as it would cut all transport emissions of having to drive the rental tree to you and back again.

If you have already bought a tree, or are desperate to have one of your own, just be sure to dispose of it by taking it to your local tip in January and adding it to the garden waste skip.

Whatever you decide, you’ll still be able to dress it with as much tinsel and baubles as you like!


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