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Kids in the Arctic battling freezing weather saved by Ryan Reynolds as he sends warm clothes

Hundreds of jackets, snow pants, boots, and mitts gifted to those in need

You know when you’re young and want your favourite celebrity to be your best friend, that’s kind of how we feel about Ryan Reynolds.

Proving he is just as much of a real-life hero as his onscreen action hero in the Deadpool franchise, the Hollywood actor has helped children in the Arctic by sending them warm clothes.

Teaming up with his pals at Canada Goose, a clothing brand that produces extreme weather outwear, they sent hundreds of jackets, snow pants, boots, hats, and mitts to those in need.

[Credit: Facebook]

It all began when Deputy Mayor Janet Brewster of Iqaluit – the capital of Nunavut in Canada – tweeted back in summer asking for school donations to help students in the area.

Inspired by the callout, singer-songwriter Becky Han – herself a Canadian Inuk (a group of indigenous people inhabiting the Arctic regions of Greenland, Canada and Alaska), followed in the footsteps of the Deputy Mayor and did a similar tweet for a school in her hometown.

The school’s principal, Gregg Durrant, tweeted back and said they were particularly in need of winter clothes as despite the icy temperatures, some kids don’t have the proper gear.

It was then that Reynolds spied the exchange, before diving in to offer a helping hand.

[Credit: Ryan Reynolds / Instagram]

Thanks to his swift actions, and the generosity of the team at Canada Goose, they soon took action and sent as many items as they could to help the students of the Arctic Bay.

Speaking out on their joint mission, Reynolds said in a statement: “It came to my attention students at Inuujaq School in Arctic Bay were going without adequate winter clothing.

“Of course, it highlights a larger issue of basic needs going unmet in Canada’s Northern communities. I reached out to Canada Goose to match me in providing these students with essential winter gear.

“They not only said yes in under 30 seconds but went so far above and beyond matching me. I’m deeply inspired and grateful.”

[Credit: Facebook]

Principal Durrant was delighted and said his school (of just 329 students) are now equipped to face winter in their wind pants and parkas.

Talking about the initiative, he explained that he collated all the clothes in the school gym to handle the volume of donations before lining them out by sizes for the kids to choose from.

Durrant said: “When the students were leaving the gym… they were like, ‘Thank you, Gregg! Thank you, Gregg!’ I’m like, ‘Yes, it’s thank you, Ryan! Thank you, Ryan!’”

Maybe they should start handing out Oscars for philanthropy too!

[Credit: Facebook]

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