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Pub saved from closure as locals flock together to buy its entire stock of beer

Bar owner stunned as Facebook post goes viral

With ours heads buried in our phones, glued to emails, social media, or YouTube videos, there is such a disconnect in humanity that we’ve almost forgotten what life was like before technology.

Yet if there is one good thing to come from the pandemic this year, it is the sense of community that has brought people together again.

And thanks to the generosity of locals, one pub has been saved from the monetary issues it had been struggling with during the ongoing coronavirus chaos.

Buckling under the pressure to pay rent, the Swan Dive, in Toronto, Canada, posted about the problems they faced on Facebook as they tried to make ends meet by selling bottles only.

[Credit: Swan Dive]

It wasn’t long before owner Abra Shiner was left stunned at the public reaction, as her post went viral clocking up thousands of shares.

In just a few hours, the residents had joined forces and bought the bar’s entire stock of beer so that it will not face long-term closure.

Not only did the Swan Dive sell more than 90 cases off delicious craft beer, they also completely sold out of stock.

Sharing her joy online, Abra posted: “Well, Y’ALL SAVED US!!! THANK YOU! What a crazy, wonderful, heart-warming weekend, we sold all the beer and made enough to cover the rent and safely go into hibernation! We are so grateful to everyone who came out, shared our posts, told a friend… Wow. Our heroes! See you all in the spring time.”

[Credit: Swan Dive]

The story went on to court international attention, capturing headlines around the world.

Chatting to CNN, Abra said the was flabbergasted by the good nature of her customers.

She said: “We were blowing through our savings and I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to pay rent towards the end of the month. So, I wrote on Facebook asking people to come buy the beer we had in our stock room… and it worked. The post went viral.”

“People just started coming out of the woodwork, some people we hadn’t seen in years. Our community completely saved us.”

Now, Abra says she can relax and the money from the beer sales will secure the pub’s future before she can hopefully safely open again in March.

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