A Christmas grotto for adults: Pub lights up London with magical display

A staggering 68,000 lights are draped over the Churchill Arms

Wandering through the grotto, marvelling at the twinkly ‘stars’ peeping through the black curtain and cotton wool ‘snow’ to meet Santa is usually one for the kids.

Though one boozer recognises that us big kids need some Christmas cheer too.

Going the extra mile, the Churchill Arms in Kensington has saved the festive season by lighting up London with a staggering 68,000 lights draped over it.

Looking like a scene from Elf, the pub has embraced the spirit of December not only with its beautiful array of fairy lights, but also a few extras on show.

[Credit: Churchill Arms / Instagram]

Notably, there is a glittery snowman rocking out on the roof alongside a beaming star and moon, as well as a mini forest of pine trees all decked out along a tier of the building.

Not cutting any corners, there is also a wreath on the door and a ‘Merry Christmas’ sign to greet customers as they come inside.

In keeping with this year’s extraordinary events, the team have also thrown in a few NHS flags for good measure to celebrate our carers who have worked tirelessly during the global pandemic.

Speaking about their stunning display, General Manager James Keogh revealed that staff will also be fundraising over the holidays to try and give a little back.

[Credit: Churchill Arms / Instagram]
[Credit: Churchill Arms / Instagram]

James said: “We will be raising money for the NHS across the Christmas period, so I hope that anyone who comes along to have a look will make a donation.

“It’s been an incredibly hard year for us all, but none more than those who look after the most affected by this horrible virus.

“I do hope we light up the lives of locals and visitors as much as we light up the pub.”

The venue is no stranger to extravagant exhibits and are famed for their spring and summer flower display which costs more than £25,000 each year.

For more info, click here: Churchill Arms.

[Credit: Churchill Arms / Instagram]
[Credit: Churchill Arms / Instagram]


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