Piano made from plants! Music and nature unite in breathtaking creation

We only wish we had one in our own garden

Biology lessons were definitely not this fun when we were at school.

We remember yawning through photosynthesis and leaf cell structure, but now we’re witnessing nature like never before – transformed into the world’s first green piano.

While it’s not a piano in the traditional sense with a keyboard and pedals, it is an eco-friendly instrument made entirely from living plants.

[Credit: Bioo]

The brainchild of start-up company Bioo, they aim to merge nature and technology through innovative solutions that improve quality of life by leading the shift towards a greener future, where sustainability is the driver and technology the main tool to achieve it.

Now, they are sharing their vision with the world and have created the ‘Botanic Biotechnological Garden’, whereby each plant is used as a keynote on the piano.

But how does it work?

[Credit: Bioo]

Speaking about the installation in Ibiza, CEO Pablo Vidarte revealed just how the instrument makes sound when the plants are touched.

Pablo explained: “The vegetable piano works using plants as biological antennae; we produce a frequency, such as radio, and the plants are able to detect the difference in frequency transforming it into a voltage.

“As they are conductive, it circulates through their entire organism. This is how we use this difference in electric potential to activate the system, generating light and sound.”

Pablo is also a big believer in the power of the environment and how it can positively impact human wellbeing.

[Credit: Bioo]

He added: “Multiple studies show that engaging with plants has a positive impact on humans from an emotional and psychological perspective.

“We aim to create a global consciousness of nature that helps lead the way to a greener future. That’s why we’re so enthusiastic about leveraging our technology that allows us to transform plants into biological switches, to create an amazing experience.”

We only wish we had one in our own garden!

The trailblazing team are also developing a living library, which will transform a park into the first one-of-a-kind creation in the world. The space will see plants store voice messages, and when touched, those voices are reproduced in a whisper.

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