First ever underwater museum! You can now swim through a shipwreck

Incredible wreckage showcases boat which sank 2,400 years ago

Get us on a plane right now please, because we’re heading to Greece!

In what is unquestionably the most remarkable tourist attraction we have ever seen; an underwater museum has opened inviting visitors to swim through a shipwreck.

Guests will be able to literally dive back in time where they will be transported to the Peloponnesian War and an incredible ship that sank 2,400 years ago.

[Credit: BLUEMED / YouTube]

The Peloponnesian War dates back to 431–404 BC and is said to have reshaped the Ancient Greek world as Athens lost power and Sparta became established as the leaders.

Appealing to divers, historians and classical civilisation enthusiasts, the incredible exhibit will allow people to swim down to depths of 80ft to witness the Peristera wreck in all its glory before it sank while carrying a cargo of wine and decorative clay tableware.

The wreck was first discovered in the mid 1980s, with the exposed parts of the ship having long rotted away. However, the remaining cargo is still visually stunning for spectators.

[Credit: BLUEMED / YouTube]

If you’re not an experienced diver don’t fret, you are still welcome on the condition you take a class at the nearby accredited diving centre before going on a guided tour of the wreck.

And you won’t just be wowed by the ship, guests will also be dazzled by the stunning sea-life including over 300 fish species, Mediterranean monk seals, and beautiful coral beds.

For those who don’t want to dive at all, there are five underwater cameras that capture the majestic seascape – including one which runs on a 24-hour live stream.

Even those connected to the project continue to be fascinated by the awe-inspiring grandeur of it.

Speaking in an interview with the Associated Press, lead archaeologist Dimitris Kourkoumelis said: “It is very impressive. Even I, who have been working for years in underwater archaeology, the first time I dived on this wreck I was truly impressed.”

Makes a trip to Alton Towers look a little underrated.

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