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Boy, 8, who felt self-conscious over birthmark left stunned as hero dad gets tattoo to match

The inking took a whopping 30hrs and nine sessions to complete

Not all superheroes wear capes… sometimes, they get giant tattoos instead.

That’s exactly what one dad turned real-life champion did when his son was struggling to come to terms with the large birthmark on his chest.

It all began when Derek Prue Sr noticed that his son would keep his T-shirt on while swimming to hide his body in the pool.

Hatching the perfect plan, he decided to show Derek Prue Jr, eight-years-old, that he shouldn’t be ashamed of his birthmark. And so, he joined him in solidarity by getting a matching one.

Venturing off to the tattoo parlour, Derek Sr embarked on a whopping 30-hour session under the needle which was split over nine appointments.

Anyone who has had a tattoo over multiple sessions knows that it doesn’t necessarily ease the pain from having it done in one go as the artist has to re-enter the wound that has been healing since the client left the studio from their previous session which is often very painful.

Opting for identical placing to his son’s mark, Derek Sr had the inking across his chest and ribs before whipping off his shirt by the pool to give Derek Jr the surprise of his life.

Chatting to a local Canadian news outlet, Derek Sr, from Stony Plain, Alberta, revealed why he went ahead with the epic decision.

[Credit: Juicy Quill Tattoo]

Derek Sr said: “He [Derek Jr] was always proud of his birthmark and then I saw he started to kind of cover it up.

“I think he was maybe a little bit self-conscious about it. I wanted to get the same thing so he wouldn’t be the only one.”

He continued: “I thought it was going to be a one session kind of thing. But three hours turned into about 30 hours. So, it’s been a bit of a process. The first sitting was close to four hours.

“I didn’t really look to see what was going on. So, I thought at the end of four hours it was done. I said, ‘Is it almost done?’ and he said, ‘I’ve almost done the outline!’”

[Credit: Juicy Quill Tattoo]

Praising Derek Sr’s loyalty and dedication to his son, the team at Juicy Quill Tattoo celebrated his decision by sharing the photos on their Facebook page.

Alongside the snaps, they wrote: “This is one of the coolest and most noble things we’ve ever seen. A father’s love for his son… truly amazing!

“Be humble, be kind, we’re all a little different and that’s what makes us unique.”

Meanwhile, Derek Jr’s mother, Hope Marie, was overwhelmed with gratitude and thanked the tattoo studio for their work.

Posting on social media, she wrote: “Just wanted to say thank you for all you have done and your part in making this so special for my son. You will forever be a part of our lives.”

What an absolute beaut of a story.


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