You won’t want to miss this! Epic Banksy exhibit crashes into London

The Art of Banksy gallery kicks off in March at Covent Garden gallery

We’re already excited for this one and can’t wait to get up close and personal with Banksy.

Okay, so he won’t technically be present, although the world’s largest exhibition of his back catalogue is about to hit London.

Set to open in March 2021, his incredible work will be showcased in Covent Garden for visitors to explore the powerful mind of the artist meets political activist.

[Credit: The Art Of Banksy / Facebook]

While he is not curating the project, The Art of Banksy gallery will instead be a display of privately-owned Banksy art with individual collectors loaning their pieces for the exhibit.

Iconic creations will emblazon the walls of the Earlham Street venue, including Girl with Balloon, Flower Thrower and Rude Copper.

Despite his notoriety, Banksy’s real name and identity remain anonymous and a constant subject of speculation. Back in 2008, The Mail On Sunday reported him to be a Bristol bloke named Robin Gunningham – however, he has never confirmed or denied this.

[Credit: The Art Of Banksy / Facebook]

Art critics are already raving about the event, with one review stating: “You think you know his work. Until you’ve seen it live, you don’t. Powerful and passionate.”

Meanwhile, another vowed: “The Art of Banksy exhibition says more about Banksy than Banksy ever could.”

And Time Out declared: “The Art Of Banksy will serve as a welcome reminder of the explosive impact of the artist’s works, and of the powerful potential of street art.”

[Credit: The Art Of Banksy / Facebook]

The gallery will be open daily from 10am, with fluctuating closing times depending on the day; Mon-Fri will be 6pm, Thurs and Fri have a late close of 9pm; Saturday at 7pm, while Sunday is 6pm.

Prices vary too, with adults starting from £21.50. There are also group discounts and fast track or VIP ticket options available.

We look forward to seeing you there!

For more info, click here: The Art Of Banksy.

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