Grow your own veg: Man reveals how to turn patio into dream ingredients

Tattoo artist has not needed to visit the supermarket for eight months!

New year resolutions nearly always involve quitting something and forcing ourselves to go without something we have previously loved or depended on.

Though instead of depriving yourself of carbs or Haribo, what about a resolution that involves you growing and flourishing something instead?

One man has managed to do just this, creating an incredible fruit and vegetable patch with 30 different varieties of choice as he embraced the DIY life and taught himself.

Not only does Alessandro Vitale now have access to more choice than his local shop, he is also saving the planet by eliminating his use of supermarket packaging and travel emissions.

[Credit: Spicy Moustache / Instagram]

In addition to this, the tattoo artist, 29, has avoided going to the grocery store for an impressive eight months which has kept him safe during the ongoing pandemic.

For those worrying you don’t have the space, don’t be fooled! Alessandro doesn’t have much either and used a small patio for his grand plan.

In fact, it was his previous success of growing chilli peppers and mint amongst the confined space of his windowsill that gave Italian-born Alessandro the idea to go bigger.

Inspired to continue his green-fingered talents, Alessandro began transforming his 8x5m patio area into a sanctuary that would make Gardener’s World presenter Monty envious.

To keep pests at bay, he uses wild nettle from a local park, while aloe vera comes in handy as fertiliser. There is also a wall trellis for herbs that has been created out of recycled water bottles.

[Credit: Spicy Moustache / Instagram]

Speaking about his impressive harvest – including cabbage, carrots, and broccoli – Alessandro credits his grandmother’s recipes with giving him motivation to cook.

Alessandro said: “When I was a kid, I used to help my grandpa out in the garden. I remember he would import chilli seeds from all over the world and had tonnes of plants. I couldn’t even go near when they were being harvested as I would have tears coming down my face.

He added: “But since then, this love of nature and gardening grew and it’s just something I’ve always enjoyed as a hobby.”

If you’re tempted but don’t know where to start, check out Alessandro’s tips for creating urban green spaces on his YouTube channel, Spicy Moustache.

[Credit: Spicy Moustache / Instagram]


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