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Meet the ‘grandfather’ of homeless animals helping strays survive

Man supplies up to ten tonnes of food to strays each month

While it may sound like a plot from a Disney movie, there really is a ‘grandfather’ of homeless animals who provides shelter for them to stay safe.

Thanks to his incredible efforts, strays are given a second shot at life in a place that is warm and protected during the winter months.

The ‘grandfather’, aka Fevzi Uyar, single-handedly builds shelters to house the local animals in his native Turkey – each one equipped with carpets, rugs, and blankets for insulation.

[Credit: Renkli Birgun / Twitter]

Yet that wasn’t enough for Fevzi, he didn’t just want to keep the animals cosy, he wanted to nurse them back to health too.

So, proving age ain’t nothing but a number, the former biology teacher embarked on a veterinary medicine programme while in his seventies which he has just graduated from.

Now, Fevzi travels more than 90 miles every two days to provide homeless dogs with their meals and water, supplying up to ten tonnes of food to strays each month.

Remember what we said about it sounding like a Disney plot?

Well, it is reported that up to 1,000 dogs now recognise his van as Fevzi approaches and follow it like the Pied Piper along the path of food stops.

[Credit: Renkli Birgun / Twitter]

With his recent qualifications, Fevzi is also able to now provide care to any animals who might need it, including vaccinations or dressing any wounds.

Speaking to a local paper, Fevzi revealed that even though it can feel like a thankless task at times, his love for the animals always triumphs.

Fevzi said: “When I go out to feed, my feet are off the ground. Of course, we are human, sometimes it seems like I don’t want it at all when I set out.

“But after the feeding is over, I return to my house like a bird. Their love is something very different. It is not possible to explain.”

Maybe there is hope in 2021, after all?!


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