Ensure you thrive in today’s world: Meet woman empowering small businesses to flourish

Discover how healthy relationships can lead to better productivity

With 24/7 headlines perpetually focusing on the negatives of the pandemic, it can be hard to find the glimmers of hope in our future.

However, one woman believes that with great focus can come great change.

Meet Lauren Jade who is championing success alongside female empowerment as she helps women become their happiest and healthiest self in both life and business.

Now the proud founder of Women’s Social, she strives to help others by offering online therapy from the comfort of your own home with the private counselling and business coaching designed to work around busy schedules that best support your lifestyle.

[Credit: Lauren Jade / LinkedIn]

​Not only does the company offer 1-2-1 sessions, they also pride themselves on setting strategies to support low self-esteem; helping individuals understand personality strengths and weaknesses; and exploring the pressures of work and relationships – traits often ignored when employers focus solely on making money.

They also offer networking opportunities with their members club, mentoring women to start and scale their businesses with the tools to combat loneliness at the top of a company.

Speaking about her previous experience working in education for over 15 years with children and young adults who have social, emotional and mental health needs, Lauren believes this expertise has given her insight for her current role.

[Credit: Dane Deaner / Unsplash]

Lauren said: “I’ve learned tonnes about the pressure, restrictions and loneliness associated with developing into a high-powered position in the public and private sector. The substantial amount of work and commitment that goes into building a company from scratch – the blueprint, strategy, goals, planning, finance, marketing, web development and more.

“I have also witnessed the benefits and results of implementing a balanced lifestyle, increased self-care and wellbeing, leading to the ultimate success stories.”

Lauren vows that she can help others learn how to live a calmer, less chaotic and healthier life with her programme and feel happier and more fulfilled as well as having fewer worries.

As big advocates of mental health being just as much about prevention as it is cure, Women’s Social believe focusing on the relationships with friends, family and work colleagues is equally as productive, if not more, than the tasks at hand in business as with lower stress levels comes better productivity and a more desirable work-life balance.

[Credit: Christina Wocintechchat / Unsplash]

Lauren continued: “​I designed this awesome all-female members club to share my business resources, knowledge and tips.

“​I would spend hours searching the web to get the answers to all of my burning business questions, this drove me insane because not only were they super difficult to find but everything I read contradicted one another, so at no point was I clear until I created my own and put it into practice.

“The club is the ultimate safe space for professional business women to share, learn, grow, develop and thrive together in today’s business world.”

Sounds right up our street!

To get involved, click here: Women’s Social.

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