Instant mood boost! Watch incredible mash-up of house vs gospel music

Amazing group have even caught Kylie Minogue's attention

We’re not sure if we believed in love at first sight before today, though as soon as we laid eyes on the House Gospel Choir we fell hook, line and sinker.

As the name suggests, these singing sensations mash-up house and gospel music, proving to be an electrifying experience that entertains with their infectious energy.

One listen and we guarantee you will be singing, dancing and raving along!

Crediting the late American DJ and ‘godfather of house music’ Frankie Knuckles with inspiring their mission to bring good vibes to people, the choir use his words of wisdom as their ethos: “House music is church for people that have fallen from grace.”

And listening to their mind-boggling voices is like a divine experience indeed, with their music a force to unify and uplift anyone within earshot.

The team not only boast a powerful set of pipes between them, but they also champion inclusivity, and with over 150 members of all religions and backgrounds, they celebrate people from all walks of life regardless of spiritual inclination.

[Credit: Natalie Maddix / Instagram]

Speaking about the group, founder and creative director Natalie Maddix said she is a big believer that music transcends opinion and conflict.

Natalie said: “We can’t all speak at the same time and have our voices heard, but we can sing together as one voice and be understood.”

In an interview with SheSaid.So, Natalie also explained why she feels individual voices within one collective are so powerful and create a unique sound system.

[Credit: Kylie with her House Gospel Music record / Instagram]

She said: “When it comes to choirs, for a long time there has been a sense that they get rolled out at award ceremonies, and you get a gospel choir dressed all in white to do something very nice with a pop band, or it’s a quite religious affair.

“But that kind of just belies the fact that there are actual individuals inside that group of people making this amazing sound, just like an orchestra. Everyone brings something to the table.”

Natalie added: “The House Gospel Choir is full of amazing creatives, songwriters, producers, DJs, dancers, beauty therapists. All different types of people.

“I think rather than it being just a sound you add to a track, or just something that you bring out to make things feel good, it’s like – no! This is a genuine musical exploration.”

Just off to add them to our Spotify!

To hear more, click here: House Gospel Music.


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