Flirting with Veganuary? You need to try the world’s first vegan quiche

Lisa Snowdon tastes delicious cuisine without milk or eggs

While plant-based nutrition is soaring on our radar, knowing where to buy or how to make mouth-watering vegan food is still something we’re getting to grips with.

Yet with January being re-coined Veganuary for those who want to dip a toe into veganism, some of us might need a little help sooner rather than later.

Fortunately, Lisa Snowdon has come to the rescue as she kickstarted 2021 by tasting Britain’s first ever vegan quiche – and it looks delish!

Lisa had a little helping hand from Higgidy, a pie company who pride themselves on putting heart into food and soul into business by making great tasting, glorious everyday food.

Founded by Camilla Stephens back in 2003, she was inspired by companies liked Innocent and Green & Blacks who are driven by the desire to share ethical practice in the industry.

Producing handmade pies near her home in West Sussex, Camilla’s home-cooked philosophy still remains at the heart of the company with all of the recipes finished by hand.

[Credit: Higgidy]

Now, the team are dishing up two varieties of vegan quiche alongside their eclectic range; namely porcini mushroom and spinach, as well as spinach and roasted tomato.

Filming herself as she tucks into the delicacies, Lisa can be seen devouring lunch as she vows: “That is really good. It’s got a little creaminess to it, you can taste the spinach, the roasted tomatoes, I have no idea how they made it taste so good, but that is really yummy.”

She added: “The texture is so light; the flavour is fantastic.”

[Credit: Higgidy]

As society begins to recognise not only the level of cruelty to animals but also the enormous carbon footprint that eating meat has on the planet, more and more of us are going vegan.

“No eggs. No cream. No milk. Just top-notch vegan ingredients mixed together and finished by hand.”

The Higgidy team

Back in 2014, it was reported there were approximately 150,000 vegans before that number surged up to 600,000 in 2019, while today that figure sits at 1,100,000 Brits.

Posting snapshots of the triumph on social media, the Higgidy crew were clearly ecstatic to have finally achieved what they have spent years trying to perfect.

[Credit: Higgidy]

Alongside glorious close-ups of their creations, they wrote: “No, your eyes are not deceiving you. After many years of careful crafting, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve finally cracked the recipe to our first ever range of vegan quiches. No eggs. No cream. No milk.

“Just top-notch vegan ingredients mixed together and finished by hand.”

Right, who’s feeling hungry?

To grab a bite, click here: Higgidy.

[Credit: Higgidy]

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