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Teen with a heart of gold: Lad feeds homeless as he rocks Batman disguise

The 19-year-old believes making time for conversation is crucial

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed when we think of the homelessness epidemic, not knowing what to do and pointing the finger at governments.

Though one young lad has taken matters into his own hands to help rough sleepers.

Not only is he taking to the streets to help feed vulnerable people, he is also nurturing their mental health by spending time chatting with them so that they feel connected to others.

In addition to this, he delivers blankets and socks to keep the locals warm, as well as serving hot meals at night thanks to the donations he receives from social media followers.

Oh, and did we mention he wears a Batman costume?

[Credit: NBC]

While it may sound like a gimmick, the 19-year-old purposefully chose the outfit in order to remain anonymous so that society focuses on the problem and not his identity.

“I want more people to come out here and help, because it’s not hard to start. And it’s not hard to keep going.”

Batman of San Jose, California

Speaking to NBC, the young humanitarian said that he hopes his efforts will be noticed by those in power to take more progressive action to tackle homelessness in his native USA.

The 6f 3in teen said: “People ignore people out on the street. So, I figured I’d draw as much attention as possible to the issue and, well, this is pretty attention-grabbing.

“One of my main goals is conversation. Conversation is so important, because being on the street dehumanises you. You are just ignored by people.”

[Credit: NBC]

Talking about his disguise, Batman continued: “They greet you like they know who you are. And it makes people a lot more comfortable.

“I want people to focus on the problem, not on me. I could be literally anybody. I want more people to come out here and help, because it’s not hard to start. And it’s not hard to keep going.”

Meanwhile, thanks to his incredible efforts, Batman now has his very own sidekick.

After befriending the teen in the neighbourhood, immigration attorney Nikhil Bhatnagar is now known as ‘Robin’ by his colleagues – the superhero’s infamous partner.

Mr Bhatnagar said: “I do a lot of work with marginalised communities. They get pushed into the shadows, they get forgotten about, and they get treated pretty hostilely.

“It was nice to see a superhero literally coming to their defence.”

Similarly, another masked hero has appeared on the streets of Silicon Valley, California, calling himself the ‘Spider-Man of Cupertino’ after being motivated by Batman’s work.

Might be time to dig out our Wonder Woman costume and get cracking too.  


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