Unlock your potential with healing practice that will transform your life

Marrying the ancient art of shamanism with modern day living

Most of us will be familiar with holistic practices such as massage, meditation, or reflexology. Though what about alternative therapies like shamanism?

This ancient practice aims to connect spiritual energies into the physical world to help people heal and learn to grow in areas where otherwise they might be struggling.

Bridging the gap between these old philosophies and today’s 24/7 world, is Sarah Negus.

Known as ‘The Modern Day Shaman’, Sarah has experienced first-hand the transition of surviving in life’s rat race before settling in a place where she unlocked her full potential.

[Credit: Sarah Negus]

As she hit her 30s, Sarah became stuck in a rut and was battling multiple chronic health conditions including depression and migraines ­– she knew she needed a change.

Coincidentally, a chance encounter with a shaman inspired Sarah to trade in her former life as a property investor to train in traditional and non-traditional shamanism.

Following a trip to the Peruvian Amazon rainforest, where she drank hallucinogenic tea at an Ayahuasca healing ceremony, Sarah became impassioned to kickstart her business.

The healing ceremony practice involves drinking a psychoactive brew which is used for spiritual or religious purposes by tribes to open minds and heal from past trauma.

The Modern Day Shaman now has clients across the globe, including entrepreneurs and CEOs, who use shamanic techniques to help them grow, boost self-worth, and become more successful.

[Credit: Sarah Negus]

Speaking exclusively to Uspire, Sarah told us how she uses shamanic experience combined with modern psychology to enable clients to explore what’s holding them back.

Sarah said: “I’ve always been ‘different’. When I was young I tried to fit in, which meant I lived an inauthentic life that didn’t feel good, support my health, or my personal growth.

“I realised along the way that my difference was actually my gift.”

She continued: “I have a strong connection to the shamanic philosophy of gaining knowledge through the lived experience, and an understanding that we are all connected to the earth, to each other and to something far bigger than what our logical mind can perceive.

“Shamanism brings a sense of deeper meaning, purpose and authenticity.”

[Credit: Sarah Negus]

Talking about making the leap from the financial safety of the corporate world to follow a dream, Sarah said she did it as it felt like the only way for her.

She explained: “The decision was easy. Implementing it was difficult though, as it meant I had to strip away everything in my life that didn’t support my true self.

“It took a number of years to find myself living successfully in every aspect of my life.”

Following her decision, Sarah embarked on her Amazonian journey which was pivotal in cementing her new direction as it was here that she experienced her life-changing moment.

Sarah continued: “It showed me that all the challenges I had experienced in my life previously were actually lessons, loaded with spiritual meaning greater than my human perception.

“It also made me aware of my own potential and left me with a feeling of bravery, so strong that I was able to embark on the path towards it.”

[Credit: Sarah Negus]

While Sarah masters the art of introducing shamanism into the present day, it is an ancient practice which has been tracked back archeologically and ethnologically for 30,000 years.

Its ethos was to view the planet as our mother, the universe as our father, and live with an understanding that every person and animal is connected to beyond what is known.

Illustrating what the role of the shaman is, Sarah said they act as a bridge between our lived reality and the spiritual energy of everything.

She said: “In layman’s terms, a shaman is a bridge between all your lived experience and your future potential.

“A shaman uses trance – we call this theta brainwaves, which is the same as dreamtime or rapid eye movement – to access an alternative state of consciousness.

“This allows an individual to find a different perspective to a situation, relationship or challenge, this is shamanic journeying and is an experience like no other.

“I use journeying, together with modern psychology and mindset to help clients overcome their limiting beliefs, thoughts and behaviours and live a life of success in every way.”

Opening up on the future, Sarah says she hopes more people can benefit from shamanism as it teaches that poor health comes from spiritual and emotional dissonance.

She concluded: “I think that traditional medicine, or should I say scientifically-developed medicine, is very valid in our society. It helps many people feel secure and to heal, but it tends to focus on the symptom that is being expressed as opposed to the root of the illness.

“I would love to see a culture that teaches children at a young age, that their inner world is something that has meaning and importance in their overall health, that general wellbeing is something that supports health, and that their emotional and spiritual health are the first step towards wholeness and wellbeing.”

Sarah added: “What we call alternative therapies, often have ancient traditions to them, their ‘science’ forgotten and pushed aside as something that has no merit, many now turn to them as they find them a great help in their overall recovery from illness.

“It makes sense to me to encourage parity between these two ways of healing, so that it is not just the symptoms of illness that are treated, but the wholeness of a person, their energy, their spirit, their emotional self that is seen, so that healing becomes a mind, body, and soul process.”

For more info on Sarah, click here: The Modern Day Shaman.

To grab a copy of the book, click here: Modern Day Shaman, Find A Deeper Connection to Life.


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