Here’s how to climb the career ladder by bossing your LinkedIn profile

Meet the woman who can make YOU stand out online

Scrolling through social media can feel pretty same-y after a while; fluffy cats, cute babies, pretty sunsets, even couples yoga.

But when that same method is applied to trying get noticed for a job, you really don’t want to look same-y as others, you want to stand out.

And one woman who has mastered the art of standing out (and in turn, widened the net of opportunities) is now sharing her secrets with others.

Meet Sophie Miller, who believes the power of professional prowess comes from one simple thing… bossing your LinkedIn profile.

[Credit: Sophie Miller]

Having created her resource Pretty Little Marketer, she now helps empower people up their career ladders by equipping them with tools to shine online and impress future employers.

Speaking exclusively to Uspire, Sophie revealed what led her to start her own project and why she felt passionate about helping people take their job prospects from good to great.

“I want young females to walk into an interview room with their head held high, and feel inspired and confident.”

Sophie Miller, founder of Pretty Little Marketers

Sophie said: “Pretty Little Marketer was born out of frustration, funnily enough. I was on Google one day looking for something career related, and each website gave contradicting information that was difficult to takeaway and implement alone.

“I wanted a place that encompassed all marketing and career tips in one, that was easy to understand and easy to implement, so I created one.”

[Credit: Sophie Miller]

She continued: “Pretty Little Marketer is now six-months-old, with a combined following of 25,000 and truly is the most kind and supportive community and family.”

On her mission to help people achieve their dreams, Sophie offers a free e-book with a vast array of tips and tricks to navigate LinkedIn, as well as a free cover letter workbook which gets into the nitty-gritty of what should and shouldn’t be included to attract attention.

With advice on what profile picture to use, how to finesse your About You section, and how to jazz up the Experience segment, you will be left with a glittering virtual CV.

[Credit: Pretty Little Marketers]

In particular, Sophie focuses on female empowerment and hopes she can inspire other young women to achieve their career dreams.

Sophie said: “I want young females to be able to look at a job description and go for it, to walk into an interview room with their head held high, with true confidence that their dreams are in reach.

“I want them to feel inspired, confident and empowered.”

So, in a world where everyone strives to fit in, don’t be afraid to stand out!

For more info, click here: Pretty Little Marketers.

[Credit: Nikita Kachanovsky / Unsplash]


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