High street revival! Shop windows come alive again with eye-catching art

The exhibit is dotted all across west London

We’ll spare you the summary of the last 10 months, though needless to say, it hasn’t been plain sailing for the retail industry.

While their doors currently remain closed, their spirit lives on as a series of eye-catching artwork is being displayed in their windows.

Thanks to the brains behind the Kensington and Chelsea Art Week project – who celebrate the rich heritage of the borough through creativity and facilitating events in the area – they have decided to light up their high streets and bring a little colour to 2021. ​

Having commissioned eight artists to create vibrant displays in different shop windows, their efforts are now dotted across west London for passers-by to admire.

[Credit: Kensington and Chelsea Art Week]

Speaking about the project, founder Vestalia Chilton said their mission is to show residents that there is still hope on the horizon.

Vestalia said: “Despite the inevitable slow-down, our objective is to offer that extra bit of support to our local area in a thoughtful and creative way.

“Many art shows have also been cancelled, and this is another way to keep our creative economy going not just in The Royal Borough but across the UK.”

[Credit: Kensington and Chelsea Art Week]

Meanwhile, the initiative’s public statement added that they hope the installation encourages visibility of arts and culture unique to the borough.

As well as throwing a nugget of joy into people’s pathway as they walk by, the art pieces are also intended to “pose critical questions about the past and future of our lives”.

Maybe we’ll save that part for post-lockdown!

[Credit: Kensington and Chelsea Art Week]


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