More united than ever! How people are connecting on new level in Britain

Seven distinct schools of thought make up the UK population

It might make for a more interesting spin in mainstream media to paint the country as fragmented, although it seems society is actually more united than ever.

And while many contentious topics remain high on the agenda of British politics – notably Brexit, climate change, and lockdown – the population is not as divided as first thought.

Thanks to a new landmark study, evidence shows that while citizens are driven by what they believe in they also strive for a future built on empathy and understanding.

[Credit: Deniz Fuchidzhied / Unsplash]

In particular, the results conclude that instead of the ‘us vs them’ mentality that plays out in newspapers and on social media, there are actually seven different schools of thought.

The report – created by the More in Common thinktank, founded after the murder of MP Jo Cox – states that these seven tribes are progressive activists, civic pragmatists, disengaged battlers, established liberals, loyal nationalists, disengaged traditionalists and backbone conservatives.

Following on from this discovery, the study claims this is proof that public opinion is based on a wider variety of thought rather than just two conflicting parties.

[Credit: Emil Priver]

The report stated: “Our conclusion is that Britain is not divided into two opposing camps of remain versus leave, left versus right, north versus south, or rich versus poor.

“Instead, we find seven distinct groups, who are distinguished not by who they are, where they are from, or what they look like, but what they believe.”

The study’s lead author, Míriam Juan-Torres, was elated to see this extensive range of thinking in participants as well as their shared beliefs on climate change, feelings of pride on Britain’s progress on gender equality, and agreement that the UK is too London-centric (including from Londoners).

Míriam said: “The picture of our country that comes from this study is sometimes surprising. Compared to the picture we get from our screens every day, it gives much reason for hope.”

All those in agreement, say aye. Aye!

[Credit: Liam Edwards / Unsplash]

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