Could you sum up lockdown in one photo? These folk can inspire you!

Positive View launched photography competition to help young people

Toilet rolls, empty shelves, deserted streets, just some of the images conjured up by thinking of the extraordinary 2020 we had.

Though what about some glitzy bling, a few Barbie dolls, and a couple of inflatable flamingos thrown into the mix?

They are exactly the embodiment of escapism magicked-up by a host of young people who entered a photography competition encouraging them to get behind the lens in lockdown.

[Credit: Felix Ziegler]

Thanks to the brains at Positive View – a charity that runs youth photography programmes in some of the UK’s most deprived neighbourhoods – they set out to galvanise young people during the pandemic after their workshops were cancelled.

And that’s exactly what they did, as streams of pictures began dropping in from excitable participants keen to share what they had captured as we adjusted to our new normal.

Taking home the trophy, and scooping a cool £1,000, Alma Rosaz was crowned the winner.

[Credit: Flo Hendricks]

The 25-year-old’s entry, named Dreaming of the Beach, depicts her and her partner hanging out the window of their London flat decked out in ultra-sassy seaside attire – complete with arm bands, oversized shades, and floral headscarf.

Hot on their heels was Felix Zeigler, who secured £500 for his piece 2 Metres Apart.

In his picture, he snapped a gaggle of social distancing Barbies posing under the now-infamous NHS rainbow symbol, which he spied in a window while walking in Paddington.

Last but not least was Flo Hendriks, who won £250 for her third-place position.

[Credit: Positive View]

Her photo, entitled Florentine’s Quarantine, shows her lying topless with ‘quarantine’ scribbled on her back in amongst the chaos of scattered loo rolls and baked beans cans.

Taking inspiration from the eclectic entries they received, Positive View are planning to host a follow-up competition which launches in May – so start getting click-happy now.

Not forgetting the little ones aspiring to showcase their talents too, there will also be a local competition for 11 to 25-year-olds, hosted in London’s Westminster.

To get involved, click here: Positive View.

[Credit: Positive View]

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