Remarkable way the body can heal itself and even conquer depression

Dr Joe Dispenza sheds light on how to harness the placebo effect

We are brought up to believe that when we’re ill, we see the doctor who cures us.

While this has value for many people, it doesn’t allow us to explore the possibilities of healing from within.

One man who is determined to lift the lid on this is Dr Joe Dispenza, aka the king of bridging the gap between neuroscience and quantum physics.

To shine a light on the issue, Dispenza has delved into research trials and exactly what happens when a select number of participants are given the placebo pills instead of the medicine – and how both groups can walk away feeling like they have received the treatment.

[Credit: Katrina Wright / Unsplash]

Speaking about the phenomenon in a new video, the New York Time best-seller shared a post on Instagram where he explores the secrets of how to harness the placebo effect at home.

Remarkably, what Dispenza unearths is evidence of mind over matter and how the power of the brain can impact the body as well as our entire wellbeing.  

Chatting to US podcaster Aubrey Marcus, Dispenza said: “How can you give someone a sugar pill, a saline injection, or perform false surgery and a certain percentage of those people will accept the thought that they’re getting an actual substance or treatment?”

He continued: “They begin to programme their autonomic nervous system to make the exact pharmacy of chemicals equal to the substance they think they’re taking.”

[Credit: Dr Joe Dispenza / Unsplash]

Dr Joe says that the sheer symbol of possibility the sugar pill provides allows the brain to start accessing different pathways of thinking which then provides different outcomes of reality.

He explained: “You hand that person the pill, and they begin to select a new potential in the quantum field, and if the doctor’s enthusiastic, it’ll work better.”

The quantum field is a space where scenarios exist in our minds due to the energy required to imagine them, with the idea that every possible outcome of our lives is already stored in this field of energy and that we can choose the possibility by where we focus our energy.

“People are so entitled to thinking that the moment they press on their cell phone, they get answers, it’s not how it works.”

Dr Joe Dispenza

Dispenza also believes in the power of subconscious cues, whereby if researchers name the medication something unpronounceable or charge a lot of money for it, people will be led to believe it works even better due to our previous understanding of how medicine works.

Interestingly, he uses the example of erectile dysfunction drug Viagra, which sounds similar to Niagara (Falls) and therefore triggers a cue in the mind to think of a lot of flow.

This is mirrored in the studies on depression and pain relief, when those people taking the placebo began making their own pharmacy of antidepressants.

Following the trials, not only did the participants say they felt better, the receptor sites on the outside of their cells were analysed and it was seen their body was making morphine.

So, do you need the sugar pill at all?

Dispenza said: “All it does is marry a clear intention with elevated emotion of optimism, of possibility, of inspiration. They’re changing their state of being.

“The depression studies took eight weeks, giving the person the placebo pills every day then the brain scans showed that they were better.

“They went back to the researchers and said, ‘I’m sorry, you must have given me the real medication,’ and they were told no. But that’s how much better they felt.”

However, Dr Joe stresses that the length of the trial is important to take note of. It wasn’t just one day, but several weeks before participants felt better.

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He continued: “People are so entitled to thinking that the moment they press on their cell phone, they get answers and information, it’s not how it works.

“This is a practice, every day, changing your state of being. You can do it for eight weeks without a sugar pill, just marrying a clear intention of elevated motion and changing your state of being without any exogenous substance; sooner or later, you start feeling good.

“You practice feeling good every day for eight weeks, you’re going to start feeling good.”

Make a note of when eight weeks is from now, and let us know how you get on!


  1. Neuroscience – neuroplasticity, a technique I employ in my struggle with PSP – progressive supranuclear palsy. Retrain your brain. There are two books available by Nornan Doidge, MD. TheBrain That Changes Itself, and, The Brain’s Way Of Healing.


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