Nurture nature and banish plastic litter by adopting your favourite place

PlasticBusters are saving the planet one neighbourhood at a time

It’s easy to point the finger at governments or big corporates to ask what they’re doing to fix the planet. But sometimes, the answer may be a little closer to home.

And that’s exactly why the awesome folks at PlasticBusters are shining a light on the power that individuals and communities have to help make our world a little healthier.

The team believe that the best way to make our environment sing again is to reduce the vast quantities of plastic waste that pose huge threats to the land, sea and air we breathe.

To do this, we need to start working at the source of the problem to focus on prevention over cure and proactively educate ourselves on the amount of plastic thrown away each year into our ecosystems ­– with the number of plastic in the ocean now higher than the number of fish.

[Credit: PlasticBusters / Instagram]

Fortunately, we don’t need any fancy equipment or machinery to get cracking, with PlasticBusters promoting the importance of simple activities like litter-picking.

The company’s new initiative, named ‘Adopt A Place’, is now encouraging people to get involved by choosing a location of their choice to nurture by eradicating plastic waste.

It could be the street you live on, your favourite park, the beach where you take your dog for a walk, the path where you run in the evening, even outside your door, it’s entirely up to you… all you need to do is pledge to keep it free of litter that could harm natural habitats. 

Speaking about their project – which has been adopted in over 400 places across 36 countries – PlasticBusters say that tackling the wider issue with small steps can create big change.

[Credit: PlasticBusters / Instagram]

They said: “We are concerned about the amount of litter and plastic pollution in our environment and strongly believe that the best way of tackling the problem is not only by proactively changing our behaviours but also by doing our best to eradicate it.

“This starts with all of us taking individual ownership of the issue and doing our bit to maintain those areas that are close to us to be litter-free.”

Not only does the team believe tackling litter can care for the world, but also encourage a sense of civic pride too as volunteering will help people connect and enhance their local neighbourhoods.

It is also a great way to galvanise kids (or even us big kids, tbh) with self-worth as anyone who signs up will receive a personalised certificate.

So, which place will you be adopting?

Click here to get involved: PlasticBusters.

[Credit: Dustan Woodhouse / Unsplash]


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