Lift your mood in an instant by belting out tracks with awesome singalongs

No experience necessary, all songs are taught line by line

Interested in singing but put off by choirs singing religious or spiritual songs?

Then THIS is for you!

The brilliant team over at Some Voices use popular powerhouse tracks for their singalongs – from Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody to Prince’s 1999 to Amy Winehouse’s Rehab – to bring people together with tunes that they already know and love.

If they don’t float your boat, perhaps Rage Against The Machine’s Killing In The Name or Fatboy Slim’s Praise You might make you pay attention to join the virtual sessions?

[Credit: Some Voices]

Better yet, for anyone feeling shy, the online rehearsals gift aspiring singers a chance to belt out tracks while behind the shield of the beloved mute button.

You will still be able to see others and vibe off the collective energy, though as Zoom has a delay (which makes singing together online tricky), the leader actually encourages everyone to mute.

As well as offering a weekly singing fix, the sessions promise to connect people with other choir members all while learning some amazing original and quirky arrangements.

In addition to this, no previous experience is required, so you simply have to show up, sing your heart out and just be open to flexing those vocals.

So, how does it work?  

The weekly sessions run every Wednesday from 7pm and offer 90 minutes of pure fun.

You’ll start with a gentle physical warm-up to loosen any stresses, before the voice action kicks off and participants will be taught songs line by line and guided as you go.

Once everyone has learned the song, you’ll have a chance to sing along with a professional choir and will see and hear how all the parts fit together.

You will also receive a Dropbox link to a folder containing audio tracks with your voice part and some extra teaching so that you can practice the whole song in your own time.

Think we might have to give this one a go, especially as we spied Florence and The Machine’s You Got the Love on their repertoire.

To join the UK’s coolest choir, click here: Some Voices.

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