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Cleaning lady gifted penthouse as residents club together to pay her rent

Residents teamed up to surprise Rosa, who worked in block for 20 years

There is a sanctuary of golden moments on YouTube, from pandas sneezing to skateboard stunts to cats playing the piano.

However, we’ve just found our favourite clip to trump all of those.

In the sweetest video of all time, a cleaning lady gets the surprise of her life as she’s given a free apartment by the residents of the building that she has cleaned for the past 20 years.

[Credit: u/AristonD]

Not only was this the perfect altruistic gift, but it couldn’t have come at a better time as the woman, known only as Rosa, lost her job during the global pandemic.

As a result, she also lost her home and had been staying with her sister.

Now, she has a roof over her head all of her own in the glorious Big Apple, complete with an outdoor terrace to catch some rays and watch the world go by.

The beautiful moment was all captured on camera as an estate agent took Rosa inside the penthouse under the pretence of showing her around so that she could clean it.    

However, once she had been given the tour, the salesman dropped the bombshell.

He said: “I’ve heard a lot about your contribution to the building and a lot of people here love you very much. You’re kind of a celebrity here!

“I think you made an impact on the people as they just wanted to give something back, so I have here a little contract for a two-year lease on this unit that some of your fans in the building clubbed together and they’re taking care of it. All you need to do is sign.”

[Credit: u/AristonD]

Needless to say, Rosa was a little overwhelmed and broke down in tears.

In shock, she even thought she might be subject of a prank and had to ask: “Is this for real?”

Fortunately, the joke was not on her and the stunning, sunny four-bedroom penthouse has been paid for on her behalf and is ready for her to move into and take the keys.

[Credit: u/AristonD]

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