A second chance at life: Discover how you can score a job by baking

Luminary Bakery help disadvantaged people into employment

Ever watched MasterChef and thought, ‘I could do that’ – well, now you can.

If you have a flair for flavour and are nifty in the kitchen, then a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity may have just landed in your lap thanks to a new social enterprise team.

The cooking creatives over at Luminary Bakery are offering women a shot at climbing the career ladder by baking their way to the top. In particular, they encourage people with a social or economic disadvantage to join their ranks so they can build a future for themselves.

Using the power of flour, the crew offer courses, work experience and employment within their bakery, on a mission to empower women to break free from homelessness or domestic abuse.

[Credit: Luminary Bakery]

Chatting about their goal to provide a safe environment where women can grow holistically, founder Alice Williams said she hopes to encourage ambition and provide second chances.

Alice explained: “Meeting women experiencing extreme poverty, disadvantage, and violence was the inspiration for starting Luminary. Too often, violence and trauma isolate us from the community, when that is the very thing we need the most.”

She continued: “Every woman has shown immense courage to survive her circumstances alone, but it is only when others embrace her that she can really start to fulfil her potential.

“Luminary is more than a bakery; it is a community and a sign of hope for so many.”

[Credit: Luminary Bakery]

During the programme, which offers women one year of training, participants will not only learn baking skills but also how to transfer this new skillset into life and employment.

Alongside this, individuals also learn to develop trusting relationships and have one-to-one support, before graduating from the course and having the chance to apply for paid work within the Luminary Bakery business or with their partner organisations.

So, if you’re a boss at brownies or crafty with cupcakes, you know what to do…

To get involved, click here: Luminary Bakery.

[Credit: Luminary Bakery]

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