Alternative guide to self-care created by blogger who grew up without mum

Start your journey to personal growth with Momless Mom blog

Mothers; baking cakes, sending flowers, and being a shoulder to cry on in times of need. Or at least, that’s how Hollywood depicts them.

But not all of us grow up to be BFFs with our mums, especially if they are not mentally on the same wavelength, or worse, walked out of our lives.

One woman knows this feeling all too well, which is why she wanted to create a safe haven for any big kids out there who are soldiering on parentless.

Meet Vinma Joseph, a mum-of-two dedicated to sharing pearls of wisdom online to help fellow mamas who have no guidance from their own role models.

[Credit: Vinma Joseph / Instagram]

Yet while Vinma initially kickstarted her ‘Momless Mom’ project as a parenting blog, it has since evolved to become an incredible platform dedicated to mental wellness and personal growth.

Speaking about her journey, Vinma explained what galvanised her to reach out to help other women struggling, and what continues to motivate her to help them find their zen.

Vinma said: “The name ‘Momless Mom’ is an inspiration from my own mother who left me for reasons unknown thirty some years ago.

“She is still very much emotionally unavailable and largely missing from my life.”

[Credit: Vinma Joseph / Instagram]

Vinma continued: “Self-care is not some fancy word everyone gushes about in women empowerment meetings.

“It is a way of living that all should practice for the ultimate wellness of mind, body, and soul.”

Despite her past, Vinma vows not to offload the dark side of her life as a motherless daughter and instead of sadness and grief, she focuses on the building blocks of self-worth.

“Question for you: When was the last time you truly focused on yourself?”

Vinma Joseph

In doing so, she explores topics that we can all relate to, whether we are parents or not, and tackles every subject imaginable from finance to meditation to finding inner freedom.

Through her blog, she also shares ideas on how to cope with stress, how to use essential oils, and perhaps our favourite, how to feel happy inside.

In addition to this, there are downloadable organisers to help you get started, and even printable lunch box notes to remind your loved ones that you’re rooting for them.

[Credit: Vinma Joseph / Instagram]

Her ultimate goal is to connect kindred spirits in a safe space, where people are invited to explore self-care in a way that they connect with rather than how society enforces it.

Vinma explained: “Question for you: When was the last time you truly focused on yourself? That you have done something for yourself that left you all relaxed and happy?

“Let me share something. I have been at a low point in my life once. I didn’t know I existed back then. To me, I was never in the picture, it was always others.”

[Credit: Vinma Joseph / Instagram]

She continued: “I was busy meeting other people’s needs and hardly ever stopped to acknowledge myself. I never asked her/me what I wanted or what I liked. I didn’t care if her in me was happy or sad or lived. A breaking point arrived eventually, and I had to make a choice.

“And hell yes, my choice was me! I picked me. And then there was no turning back.”

We’re done procrastinating, it’s time we jump aboard the self-care ship!

To make sail too, click here: Momless Mom.


  1. Hi Nadia, thank you for the feature. What a pleasant surprise! I am glad you took the key takeaways of Momless Mom to share with your audience. Greatly appreciate, God bless!


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