Hilarious video of iguana shows how human-like he is as he sunbathes

Mhontong clearly has an appreciation of the finer things in life

Sometimes, talking to your pets can give you more sanity than talking to other people.

And this iguana is proving he’s much more human-like than anyone thought.

Okay, so he might not be able to answer back in a conversation, but he sure as hell has mastered the art of sunbathing.   

Say hello to Mhontong, who evidently likes to soak up the rays like it’s his birthday.

[Credit: Good News Network]

Chatting on his behalf, Mhontong’s owner spoke out about the quirky posing that was fortunately caught on camera for his admirers to coo over.  

Thailand resident and reptile lover Chaiwat Daenglrachang said: “My iguana Mhontong was relaxing under the warm sunlight just like other pet iguanas I have.

“However, I’ve never seen any of them lay on its side as this one did.”

[Credit: Good News Network]

While Mhontong may be practicing his moves to grace the cover of Vogue one day, don’t be fooled by his docile nature while chillaxing.

Iguanas, native to central and south America, are a big commitment and require a high level of care.

They are, however, herbivores, meaning they eat plants so there is no need to feed them mice like pet snakes would demand.

If you live in cold climate, they might not be the perfect companion. As Mhontong illustrates, iguanas – from the lizard family – are sun-worshippers. Trust us, they like it hot and sticky!

They can also live up to 20 years in captivity and grow as long as 6ft from nose to tail tip, so just be sure you want to commit before welcoming one into your home.

In the meantime, we hope it won’t be too long before Mhontong gets his own Instagram account.

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