The new currency: How happiness looks set to be prioritised over money

Ice-cream giants Wall’s are hoping to create a better world

Imagine at the end of each month, as you sign into online banking to see your pay cheque land, you were paid with happiness instead of money.

That is what our future could look like! Sort of.

A new manifesto is campaigning for happiness to become a recognised marker of social progress.

This means, throughout 2021 there are plans to bring academics, policymakers, businesses, communities and activists together to consider how we can develop a blueprint for a future where happiness is considered a measure of development.

[Credit: Chermiti Mohammed / Unsplash]

Launched by global ice-cream brand Wall’s, they are hoping to create a better world where human connections drive social change.

And as a brand committed to delivering happiness – after all, when ice-cream is consumed it lights up the brain’s pleasure zones – they believe they are the perfect host to do this.

“People are coming to the realisation that it is human relationships and connections that bring true meaning and happiness to one’s life.”

Lord Richard Layard

Inspiration for the manifesto came from a fascinating survey exploring the effects of lockdown on people’s perceptions of happiness and how it has forced them to re-evaluate their priorities.

While many had previously cherished material possessions over inner values, now two-thirds of people want their government to take action to put happiness before economic recovery and a whopping 78% say they feel strongly that wellbeing should be prioritised over money.

[Credit: Stan B / Instagram]

Speaking about the results, Lord Richard Layard – aka ‘The Happiness Expert’ – said: “What we see in the data in this manifesto is an indication of a wider societal shift; for too long people have linked material possessions, financial prosperity and success to happiness.

“And whilst these are undoubtedly important, people are coming to the realisation that it is human relationships and connections that bring true meaning and happiness to one’s life.”

The London Schools of Economics professor added: “This is a topic I have dedicated many decades to, and it’s promising to see this realisation gathering momentum.”

[Credit: Wall’s]

Wall’s will now use their corporate power on a humanitarian mission to spread happiness and bring people together to lead the global movement in prioritising happiness.

The company’s vice president, Ian Maskell, said: “Human beings are happiest when well connected with friends, family and community.

“Wall’s is in the business of creating social connections, please join us in making the world a happier place.”

They’ve got our vote!

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