How your creations can take centre stage in world’s largest art exhibition

New project has taken inspiration from the NHS rainbows

Whether you’re a first-class painter, training as an art graduate, or just love to doodle, your creations are worthy of a spot in a new art exhibition.

And you don’t even have to enter into a competition. You’ve already won.

Say hello to the world’s largest exhibit ever staged, where everyone is invited to take part!

[Credit: Firstsite / Facebook]

All you need to do is grab a piece you have already completed, or get cracking on a new one, then instead of placing it on a wall inside the home find a sweet spot for it outside the home instead where passers-by can see – whether a window, balcony, garden, roof, or front door.

You will then automatically become an artist with The Great Big Art Exhibition.

Their mission is to connect people through creativity, after the heart-breaking mass closure of all UK art galleries and museums during the ongoing pandemic.

[Credit: Firstsite / Facebook]

Inspired by the NHS tribute rainbows that decorated windows during the first lockdown, visual arts organisation Firstsite now want to make an even bigger splash to lift spirits.

They will be teaming up with different artists throughout the project to share ideas with people of what to draw, with Sir Anthony Gormley first up.

The sculptor, famed for his Angel of the North, has selected animals as the first topic and says he hope the initiative will help give the public a new focus.

[Credit: Firstsite / Facebook]

Sir Anthony said: “I think everybody is really fed up, but what does ‘fed up’ mean? It means there’s a lot of pent-up energy and I’m saying let’s focus that energy on doing something creative. 

“Release your inner artist, get the paints out of the cupboard where they’ve been gathering dust and have a go. What’s to lose?”

To channel your inner Picasso, click here: The Great Big Art Exhibition.

[Credit: Firstsite / Facebook]

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