16 breathtaking photos of quirky animals to lift your spirits

The world’s largest photo competition is celebrating the natural world

It’s amazing how many hours can go by as you watch kitten videos on YouTube.

While we don’t quite have the next viral ‘Keyboard Cat’ for you, we can offer a glorious selection of photos capturing the eclectic creatures in our animal kingdom.

The pictures, which all showcase the beauty of the natural world, have been taken by photographers across the globe for the world’s largest photo competition.

[Credt: Clemens Capek]
[Credit: Christoph Bliem]
[Credit: Christopher Barnofsky]

While it’s hard to pick a favourite, we can’t resist the adorable squirrel accidentally dropping his breakfast or the trio of meercats who are keeping lookout on the desert.

There is also a very friendly horse getting up close and personal with the snapper and a hungry bear trying to catch their lunch in the Alaskan waters.

The competition, hosted by photo company CEWE, is open to everyone – from amateurs to professionals – with the only rule being to follow the ‘our world is beautiful’ theme.

[Credit: Melanie Frey]
[Credit: Thomas Hinsche]
[Credit: Doris Dörfler-Asmus]

Yet if you’re a budding photographer who fancies the opportunity but doesn’t have a host of beasties living outside your front door, fear not.

These images just so happen to have been submitted to the animals and nature category; there are 10 categories in total including aerial shots, landscapes, travel and culture.

So long as you enter by May 31, you can submit a photo and be in with a shot of winning.

[Credit: Jane Wintersohl]
[Credit: Michael Konrad]
[Credit: Talina Lux]

Speaking about the competition, photo expert Clare Moreton said the entries this year have been incredible as people have found solace in snapping the natural world around them.

Clare said: “As we find ourselves living quieter lives during lockdown, many people have been taking great comfort in animals and the natural world.

“Whether it’s taking photos of our beloved pets or looking back on photos we took of wildlife on holidays abroad, engaging with photography of the natural world has been a great way to remind ourselves of the bigger picture.”

[Credit: Ruurd Visser]
[Credit: Reinhold Fischer]
[Credit: Christian Mars]

Clare added: “We’ve really enjoyed seeing people’s entries and are looking forward to seeing many more before the competition closes in May.”

Honestly, the entries are so good we’re tempted to print some and frame them!

To try your luck, find out how to enter here: CEWE Photo Award 2021.

[Credit: Emese Madarász-Grasselly]
[Credit: Radim Hlaváč]
[Credit: René Brunda]

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