Take a trip to utopia with the best festival you’ve never heard of

Summer camp for adults will give you new lease of life

Even if you have party animal genes, the daily grind of paying bills, washing up, and watching your finances can take the fun out of life.

So, if you’re itching for a place where you can forget all of that and return to your pre-adulting responsibilities, then we’ve found just the magic gem.

Camp Wildfire is the best kept secret that needs sharing.

[Credit: Camp Wildfire]

Described as ‘pant-wettingly fun’, this summer camp for adults promises a wild weekend deep in the forest while surrounded by incredible people and bucketloads of entertainment.

We’re not just talking marshmallows around a fire, there is an eye-watering number of activities on offer from morning raves to water slides to archery.

Better yet, if you’re an adrenaline junkie, then the sword fighting, flying trapeze and rocket building classes are calling your name too.

Meanwhile, for something a little more zen, you can tinker with embroidery, bread baking, or woodland walking instead.

[Credit: Camp Wildfire]

Proving age ain’t nothing but a number, there are also a host of classic games to get involved with including tug of war, limbo, charades and even a compliments challenge.

Then, as night falls you’ll have your pick of live bands and DJs to dance the night away amongst the trees or even relax in wood-fired hot tubs under the stars.

The cherry on the cake, this utopia is not as hard to reach as the middle-of-nowhere Glastonbury and is situated in Kent just a teeny 10-minute drive from Borough Green & Wrotham station.

[Credit: Camp Wildfire]

Speaking about the event, co-founders Julia Lowe and Lee Denny said they wanted to create a haven for people to feel inspired by life as they go back to work on a Monday.

Julia and Lee said: “When we were kids, we went on adventures all the time. We built treehouses in the woods, went to summer camps full of awesome activities… We were constantly learning, discovering new things, meeting new people and having a lot of fun.

“As we got older our curiosity shifted to the festivals and all-night parties. We spent our summers at festivals and our winters in the glittering underbelly of London; once again discovering new things, meeting new people and having a lot of fun.

“One day, whilst musing on life and what made us happiest, we had an incredible idea. What if we could combine our love of adventure with the amazing times we’d had at festivals?”

[Credit: Camp Wildfire]

And so, they got to work creating a weekend for adults and Camp Wildfire was born.

Just writing about it is making us desperate to get a ticket!

For more info, click here: Camp Wildfire.

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