Happiness is finally a priority as wellbeing course rolled out to teens

Yale are extending their university course to high school students

For too long, wellbeing has been considered something that is extracurricular instead of sitting at the heart of education.

Yet now the tide is shifting as self-care is to become a priority with a new wellbeing course to help teens navigate the treacherous world of adolescence.

Better yet, the programme has elevated levels of kudos as it has been created by one of America’s top universities, Yale.

[Credit: Brooke Cagle]

Their ‘Psychology and the Good Life’ course was actually introduced at the uni back in 2018 to try and tackle the growing mental health needs of students on campus.

The sessions explore strategies for living a more satisfying life and delve into psychological science about how to be happier, how to feel less stressed, and how to flourish more.

It was an instant hit, with more than 1,200 undergraduates signing up before it swiftly became one of the most popular online courses in Yale’s history with millions later joining.

[Credit: You X Ventures]

Now, they are extending the olive branch to reach high school students and are offering the workshops free of charge.

Not only will this help teens struggling with break-ups and make-ups, they will also be rewarded with college credits for completing the course, which are needed to help them graduate.

Speaking about the initiative, course founder and Yale professor Laurie Santos said the aim is to equip students with scientifically-validated strategies for living a more satisfying life, while also creating opportunities for low-income students and students of colour.

[Credit: Helena Lopes]

Professor Santos said: “This is a really challenging time, and that means that students need to learn new strategies to protect their mental health.

“Our goal is to give students the tools they need to flourish and feel better.

“But in addition, we can give students a rigorous opportunity to see that they have what it takes to succeed in college and beyond.”

We hope it won’t be too long before this is introduced globally.

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